Can you dig this ’Dog?

Senior libero Maggie Eppright celebrates with teammates after scoring a point against Colorado State at the Save Mart Center on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016. (Christian Ortuno/The Collegian)

When Fresno State volleyball comes to mind, it is difficult to think about anyone other than senior libero Maggie Eppright.

A four-year starter, Eppright has played in 117 games and 430 sets for the Bulldogs. Tallying impressive statistics each season, she has found her way atop many of Fresno State’s all-time leaderboards including digs in a single season.

“Oh, wow. Maggie has been one of those players that has bought into the philosophy of the program. For four years, she’s never been hard to coach,” Fresno State volleyball head coach Lauren Netherby-Sewell said. “She gives a better effort day-in and day-out than anybody I’ve had, so we love that about her. What she has struggled with is just wanting it so bad that she starts to do too many jobs and takes on too much. I thought tonight she did such a great job at just playing her role to the best of her ability, and I thought it showed a lot of poise and a lot of courage.”

Eppright currently leads the ’Dogs this season with 293 digs and counting. Her next closest teammate has 147.

Named a captain in her junior year, the interior design major’s role on the team as libero goes beyond her numbers. The Collegian spoke with Eppright after the Bulldogs topped Wyoming 3-2 on Thursday night.


On being a four-year starter

“It’s definitely been a journey, and I’ve been a very different player each year. Just taking the lessons from one year to another and letting myself grow has been the best part of it.”


On the role of a libero

“Libero is just, you don’t touch the ball as much as the hitters and the setters do. You’re just starting the points and doing your best to be a rock for the team.”


On being a team captain

“As a team captain, I try to do my best to lead by example. I give the best attitude and effort I can every day, so that it’s something that the other team can look towards and be someone that the younger people can look up to.”


On being an interior design major

“I fell in love with design in high school. It was something that let me kind of constantly problem-solve every day. It’s basically architecture without the math and trying to make a place as convenient as possible for someone. I just fell in love with the problem-solving part of it and getting to create something new every day.”


On her relationship with head coach Netherby-Sewell

“Lauren and I have definitely had our ups and downs. We’ve had moments where we’ve butted heads, and she’s told me, ‘That’s not good enough,’ and moments where she said she’s proud of me. She and I have definitely developed a very strong relationship throughout the years. We get each other a lot better than we did when I was a freshman.”


On current teammates

“I’ve never enjoyed a team so much. Every win, every loss, we all feel the same, and it’s definitely a family. And I haven’t been able to say that about past teams. It’s definitely one I am very, very proud to go out with. It’s going to be really hard leaving this group.”


On being a Bulldog

“Being a Bulldog is a different experience. We all talk about how we came because of the values and the following. We all stayed because of the people. We all rally around each other. I looked out in the crowd tonight, and I see women’s basketball; I see football; I see tennis. I see baseball, lacrosse; I see everyone there. We all just love supporting each other. It’s definitely a family that is a strong and special one.”

Senior libero Maggie Eppright serves the ball during a game at the Save Mart Center against Colorado State on Oct. 22, 2016. (Christian Ortuno/The Collegian)

Senior libero Maggie Eppright serves the ball during a game at the Save Mart Center against Colorado State on Oct. 22, 2016. (Christian Ortuno/The Collegian)

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