Blink-182 rocks the Save Mart Center

The crowd cheers for Blink-182 at the Save Mart Center on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016. (Yezmene Fullilove)

Blink-182, All American Rejects and A Day To Remember? The 2000s called, and it wants its music back. But, too bad, because Fresno took it for the night and isn’t giving it back.

The three bands made a stop in Fresno on Oct. 6 to take us all back in time and perform their biggest hits to a nearly full Save Mart Center

We are six years out of the 2000s and punk rock is still alive and thriving, according to the audience which was jumping and singing along the entire time.

People of all ages came to Fresno for the event, showing that music from the past can tug at the heartstrings of anyone.

The punk, heavy metal, scene and “I was dragged here by my boyfriend” crowds were there as well.

The first performance was All American Rejects, which is not touring on a new album, so it’s setlist was nostalgic, to say the least.

The band’s opening song was “Dirty Little Secret,” and the crowd went wild the instant it heard the classic guitar riff.

Lead singer of All American Rejects, Tyson Ritter, joked with the audience about his new mustache that he chose to debut in Fresno. He also joked about the “rich people” sitting in their box seats.

The crowd responded with laughs and cheers as the front man maintained a relatable persona.

“It Ends Tonight,” “Move Along,” “Swing, Swing” and “Gives You Hell” were just a few of the hit songs the band performed.

The next performance was A Day To Remember. ADTR is described by fans as “metalcore” and “pop punk.”

ADTR has a new album entitled “Bad Vibrations.” The band’s setlist was mixed with new and older songs.

Sticking to “metalcore” tradition, ADTR’s lead singer, Jeremy McKinnon, asked the audience on the floor to create a “circle pit” allowing the audience to mosh.

Fans were also encouraged to crowd surf by ADTR; they obliged.

“If it Means a Lot to You,” “Have Faith in Me” and “Paranoia” were some of the band’s biggest hits of their performance. The crowd was pumped and sang along to every word.

Next up was the main attraction: Blink-182. Per tradition of its infamous bad boy vibe, the band opened with “Feelin’ This” with an expletive on fire as its stage backdrop.

The band has a new album it’s touring on entitled, “California.”

Lead singer Mark Hoppus said, “I like Fresno.” He explained that when his parents got divorced, they lived on opposite sides of California. Therefore they would meet in the middle, the Central Valley.

Blow-up dolls were tossed into the audience on the floor during the song “Dumpweed.”

Hoppus then told the crowd to take out its phones and record what was about to happen next.

They performed “Happy Holidays” in the dark. Although, there was so much light from phone screens, it was hardly dark.

“I Miss You,” “What’s My Age Again?,” “First Date” and “Rock Show” were some of the band’s biggest hits of the night.

The band ended with “Dammit” while confetti flew over the audience and pyrotechnics were used.

Fresno was the second-to-last stop on the trio’s tour before heading to Irvine for one last performance.

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