Highlights from New York Fashion Week

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The fashion industry took New York by storm for Fashion Week last week as designers, seasoned and new, showcased chosen pieces for autumn/winter 2016 and spring/summer 2017.

Designers like Tommy Hilfiger and the collaborators of the VFiles experimented with stage settings and statement pieces unconventional from the “normal” fashion week runway.

Hilfiger paired up with Gigi Hadid to present their fall/winter collection, Tommy x Gigi.  

Tommy x Gigi was a ‘90s inspired nautical dream set up outside on Hilfiger’s vision of “Tommy Pier” complete with flashing carnival rides, french fry stands and photo booths. Hadid led the show, wearing a fitted sailor-styled blazer with high-waisted leather jeans.  

Statement pieces throughout the show included anchor prints, knitted and slouchy sweaters on top of red, navy and white mini shirts. Navy floral ascots were draped around the models’ necks with paired thigh-high socks and leather skirts or Tommy Hilfiger jerseys.  

While Hilfiger played with a relaxed ‘90s grunge stylization, all patterns were a perfect juxtaposition of symmetrical lines, even down to the button and zipper placements as well as the final lineup when models walked in pairs wearing matching pieces from the collection.

For the collaborators on the VFiles Runway 7 show, symmetry was not a concern for their menswear collection. The models wore statement headpieces, all of which were created to resemble hats from different military branches.

Made from bright fabrics and an assortment of textiles, the headpieces were made to be the focal point of the show. The leading male model walked the runway with an army hat while holding up a sign that read, “Enemy of Terrorism.”

VFiles was designed to be a performance from start to finish. The runway show included a live band alongside four body contortionists dressed in camouflage pantsuits.  

But it was Tom Ford who swept the industry off its feet with the showcase of his ready-to-wear fall 2016 autumn/winter collection.

The room exuded an aura of sophistication and high-end fashion as the models walked the square stage from edge to edge. Audience members marveled at the pieces while they enjoyed a glass of sparkling champagne.

Ford’s collection brought favorites from ‘70s formal wear into a 21st century neutral staple color palette of grey, brown, black and white.

Men dressed in mustard and auburn turtlenecks beneath suede suits and trench coats. Women wore tight shin-length skirts and dresses paired with knee-high leather boots.

Ford was not afraid to mix textiles. Models wore suede, corduroy and leather bottoms that were matched together with sequins, patterns and fringe tops.  

Fashion Week continues in London on Sept. 16, starting with designer Teatum Jones.

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