An open letter to Trump supporters

To the people trying to “Make America Great Again”:

As a gay, biracial woman, I’m sure it’s easy to understand why I’d take issue with some of the things that Donald Trump stands for. It’s not necessarily a surprise why someone like me would be rooting for a Trump-less America.

Barack Obama has been the president of the United States for the majority of my adolescent and young-adult life. I was raised believing that the leader of our country could break down barriers – not only for himself, but for women, college students and immigrants of all kinds. Needless to say, his leaving office saddens me greatly, and I think we could sort out this hot mess of an election by changing the constitution and simply giving him 16 more years.

However, that is not our reality. As college students and voters, we are faced with a choice: we must vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. I’m not out to change anyone’s opinion, but instead urge those considering Trump merely on party affiliation to look at the facts. Besides Clinton’s obvious upper hand in the form of many years in public service, it’s also important to address the elephant in the room, pun intended: Donald Trump’s bigoted views towards women, immigrants, and minority communities including the African-American community – all of these things tilting his bias far past party preference.

The early beginnings of Trump’s presidential race involved public rantings about illegal immigrants, along with plans to resolve Mexico’s outpouring of rapists, drug mules and criminals into the United States by building a Great Wall to keep them all out.

It’s hard not to take things like this personally, but when Mr. Trump vows to keep immigrants out of our country using a wall funded by the Mexican government, I think of my mother. My mom, the most hardworking woman I’ve met in my entire life. She immigrated – legally, if that matters to any of you – to America when she was 22 years old. She had an experience similar to many other immigrants, regardless of home country. She worked thankless jobs like cleaning houses and picking lettuce in the fields to make ends meet, raised her children to work equally as hard as she did, and years later ended up receiving a bachelor’s degree in education. My mother saw the American dream, and she went after it; she saw the life she wanted and then made it for herself.

I wonder, not in a way that riles anyone up, but genuinely wonder why people would root for the victory of a man who outwardly calls women “dogs,” “pigs,” “slobs” and “disgusting animals.” That said, I’m left wondering why any woman would want a man who describes other women in this way. Why would any woman want a man like this to be our leader?

Trump’s vehement sexism runs deeper than surface comments about people’s appearance. At the presidential debate Monday, in-between inserting and removing his foot from his mouth multiple times, he told Hillary Clinton that she didn’t have the “look or stamina” to be our country’s next president. What does that even mean? What is a president supposed to look like?

The question was originally supposed to be rhetorical, but I’ll answer it for the sake of this letter. What kind of look does the leader of the free world need to have? The president of the United States, my president, looks like someone who has the experience to make the right call. My president is someone I’m proud to call the leader of my country. My president is someone who welcomes racial, economic and gender diversity, and meets problems like police brutality with complete objectivity and understanding.

Call me crazy, Trump supporters, but I feel extremely confident in saying that Donald J. Trump doesn’t have “the look” of our next president.


A gay, biracial, female college student who has high hopes for her future and the futures of others.


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