Jul 09, 2020
A vibrant shelf of mugs are displayed at Campus Pointe’s Collect Coffee Bar on Monday, Aug.30, 2016. (Yezmene Fullilove/The Collegian)

Campus Pointe’s new restaurants are on point

Two years ago, if Fresno State students wanted to see an inexpensive movie, grab some coffee off campus, or even have a dinner date, they would travel three miles east or west of campus to the nearest mall. But now that Campus Pointe is up and running, entertainment is within walking distance of campus.

Campus Pointe opened a few more storefronts over the summer, and now there is a restaurant to satisfy every palate. Whether you love frozen yogurt or ice cream, crave coffee or tea, or prefer sushi to pizza, the diverse options at Campus Pointe are what make this shopping center so attractive.

For the tea lovers out there, the franchise store Tapioca Express brings over 100 flavor combinations of milk teas and juices closer to campus. But the beverage spot that is really waking up Campus Pointe is Collect Coffee Bar.

This new coffee shop is like a hipster heaven. With two types of cold brew coffee on tap, iced lattes served in mason jars and a minimalist interior design, Collect Coffee Bar is an edgy but sophisticated addition to a very busy campus neighborhood.

Another addition to Campus Pointe is Hino Oishi hibachi and Japanese cuisine. Hino Oishi offers two styles of dining: traditional table service and hibachi service. Guests who dine at a hibachi grill will see their meal prepared right in front of them, and the chefs make their cooking a full performance with knife tricks and fire.

If Asian cuisine isn’t up your alley, Campus Pointe offers Mediterranean food at Tofas, Baja inspired tacos or burritos at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, and all-American classics at Mad Duck Brewery.

Tofas is one of the newest restaurants at Campus Pointe and is also a local Mediterranean treasure. With only one other location on Herndon Avenue, you won’t find anything like it. A unique aspect of Tofas is its app. You can order ahead on the app and earn rewards and discounts.

Campus Pointe is busiest on Tuesday nights because of the $5.50 movie tickets at Maya Cinemas Fresno and the many happy hours going on at the surrounding restaurants. Discounted drinks and appetizers at Mad Duck Brewery and Beach Hut Deli make Tuesday nights a perfect cheap date for college students.

Starting Aug 31, every last Wednesday of the month, Campus Pointe will be hosting “Tropical Wednesdays.” This event will be an outdoor music and dance social featuring: salsa, merengue, bachata and urbano dancing.

One of the next stores new highly anticipated to open up is called Farm Fresh Bowls, whose mission is to provide non-processed health food amid the hustle and bustle of the Fresno State area.

This shopping center has created a unique entertainment experience near Fresno State and will only continue to grow.

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