Pay attention to what Trump stands for

The front page of The Collegian from Feb. 22, 2016. The cover caused a large reaction from the public, both positive and negative.

Special to The Collegian

Paul D. Bush

Professor Emeritus of Economics

Two issues have been raised concerning the Collegian’s editorial on Donald Trump.  The first has to do with the Collegian’s right to write such an editorial. The second has to do with whether or not Trump is indeed a fascist.  As regards the first, the Collegian editorial staff has the right to be wrong.  If it didn’t, none of us would enjoy freedom of speech.  As regards the second, the editorial staff is correct in identifying Trump as a fascist.

There are many forms of fascism.  Hitler had his version.  Mussolini had his.  Donald Trump offers yet another version.  But the variations of fascism have several things in common.  All identify ethnic and/or religious groups as scapegoats for the problems faced by their “homeland”; they offer a “strong man” for a leader who will be ruthless in achieving their goals; they justify their claim to elite status through the creation of self-serving myths of invincibility; and they substitute the use of power for reasoned discourse and inquiry.

The editorial staff of the Collegian has paid attention to what Trump stands for.  It is time for the rest of us to do the same.

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