May 25, 2020
Graphic provided by ASI

ASI ensures an available campus during strike

With the possibility of a faculty strike looming, members of Associated Students, Inc. want to make sure that all students know their rights during a strike.

ASI President Abigail Hudson said at the ASI meeting Wednesday that ASI executives would not be taking a stance for or against the possible faculty strike because they did not want to unfairly represent any portion of the student body because students, in general, are conflicted about the strike.

“Whether [students] want to be involved in the strike, don’t want to be involved in the strike or don’t know whether they want to be — it’s our duty to make sure that students’ rights are protected,” Hudson said.

She said that she wanted members of ASI to be at the entrances to campus to ensure that students who were going to campus on the strike days were able to do so easily.

“Whether that be standing at entrances and being able to call [the university police department] if there’s an issue or whatever that may be,” Hudson said. “Just making sure that we’re there and if students have questions, comments, concerns — that we’re easily accessible and visible to them when they might be in pressuring situations of difficulty getting on campus.”

There needed to be extra assurance that students could get onto campus because the California Faculty Association (CFA) had expressed that they are planning on blocking entrances to campus or making it difficult for students to enter campus, Hudson said.

Faculty members who are planning to participate in the possible strike will be striking from April 13 to 19.

Meanwhile, Provost Lynnette Zelezny announced Sandra Witte as the permanent dean for the Jordan College of Agricultural Science and Technology.

“This is one of the very few deans that are women in the ag schools,” Zelezny said. “So I’m very happy to announce her appointment.”

Zelezny also said a vice president of administration search was under way and a search for the dean of research and graduate studies would also begin soon.

Along with Zelezny, Vice president for administrative services Deborah Adishian-Astone spoke.

Adishian-Astone talked about a planned power outage that would take place March 18, at 11 p.m. and would hopefully be over by March 19, at 8 a.m.

Not all of the resident halls would be down, and Adishian-Astone said that accommodations were being made for the students who were going to stay on campus over spring break.

The outage is part of the electrical infrastructure project that was intentionally planned during spring break in case anything unforeseen happens, Adishian-Astone said.

“At least there wouldn’t be any instruction going on,” Adishian-Astone said. “If we had to go into any contingency plans, we’d have that window of time.”

She added the dining hall would be affected by the outage but normally would not be open during spring break anyway. She noted that the refrigerators and freezers would be monitored to make sure food products were not lost.

The meeting continued as vice president of external affairs Kaitlyn Sims spoke about drop deadlines for upcoming semesters.

Sims detailed a resolution at the meeting that would be taken to the Academic Senate to ask it to consider keeping the hard-drop deadline to the fourth week of classes.

The resolution also entailed a soft-drop deadline up until a certain point without instructor permission, and then requiring instructor permission after the soft deadline.

“So kind of appreciating the work that they’ve done to fix this for students who need to add the class, but trying to maintain that fourth week for all students,” Sims said.

Although drop deadlines have not been finalized yet, the first ASI movie night date has.

Joshua Dowell, senator for the Jordan College of Agricultural Science and Technology said that the movie night would be coming up after spring break at Maya Cinemas.

“The ticket pickups will all be inside the lobby. It will be first-come, first-served for students,” Dowell said.

He said if students were in a spot that was easily accessible to the Bulldog Express shuttle, he encouraged students to ride the shuttle to Campus Pointe for the movie.

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