EDITORIAL: Donald Trump is going to get us all killed

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Collegian would like to remind its readers that this story is an editorial — which is an opinion. This is not a news story. There is clarification here.

Trump’s America is the Fourth Reich.

This phenomenon of Trump seeming unstoppable is something that just can’t be true. This guy is a reality TV star — not a president.

We cannot have a president who verbally berates his enemies in public, gives out their cell phone number and calls them a “pussy.”

The hardcore racist and fascist people supporting Trump don’t want to kick out Muslims and undocumented Mexicans — they want to murder them.

These people that normally keep their backward racism under the rock in which they live, are voting to be openly racist. Trump gladly brings the racism and xenophobia out of people — as any good fascist would.

That’s what people don’t see. These people pulling up to the polls in their trucks and wielding a rifle shouting out “‘Murica,” don’t care about the economy — let alone diversity and social justice.

They were likely anti-Muslim before 9/11, and now use it as an excuse to be openly racist in our supposedly sophisticated, modern 21st century.

If we let them elect Trump, there will be lynchings.

1934: German dictator Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) giving the Nazi salute from his car whilst at the Nazi Party Congress. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Tim McAtee/Photo Illustration

Hardcore liberals are almost as large of a problem.

Liberals are so far to the left of Trump, that they can’t even accept him as a viable candidate for president. And they’re right; he’s not. But he will be, regardless of what they say while they sip their wine and listen to NPR about the plight of some third world country.

Trump represents the rise of a new Hitler and is capable of the same atrocities. It’s like we’re in the 1930s on a runaway train barreling toward World War III.

Trump is good at pointing out the differences in people — he labels without objectivity and places blame. Similar to that of Hitler. When he says that Mexican immigrants are “rapists” he is teaching those that are listening that one facet of our population is inhuman. Sound familiar?

What happens when one group subverts another because of their skin tone? Because of their religious beliefs? Internment camps. Death marches. Genocide.

The reality of this situation is that America has done this before. We committed the mass genocide of Native Americans. While our history books brush it off as “smallpox,” our government went unchecked and murdered people.

Native Americans were feared as “scalpers” the same way that Trump is attempting to incite fear that Mexicans are “rapists.”  

Or what about the Japanese internment camps that are not so far back in our history? We did that out of fear then, too. Our government played into the fear of groups of people and denied rights and life to over 100,000 people, majority of whom were American citizens.

And Japanese internment didn’t end hundreds of years ago — it ended around 70 years ago. People are still living who suffered through our unjust imprisonment.

Just like the majority of Muslims that live in America — they are citizens who face the real fear of internment camps because of fear mongering perpetuated by the possible future president.

With our history as a nation who succumbs to fascism in the face of fear, and a possible president with too many likenings to Hitler, we need to do something.

Trump has no foreign policy skills. He will literally corner off the United States into an extremist zone that causes us to be the focus of militarized attacks from countries who would be facing the wrath of an inhuman leader.

Wait until Trump calls Russian President Vladimir Putin a pussy. Let’s see how long it takes for Putin to prove him wrong with nuclear missiles.  

Get off your lazy asses and do something about it, you hipsters. You’re not doing anything to stop this madness from becoming a reality. Hopefully you’re smart enough to understand the gravity of your mistake on Jan. 20, 2017 when President Trump is sworn into office. We can celebrate the end of the world together.

Heil Trump!

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