Students thank police for Monday’s actions

Students thanked the Fresno State’s police department’s actions after Monday’s social media threat.

“We thought after Monday, police officers were working so hard to keep us safe, and we saw a lot of people on Facebook or other forms of social media really thank them for how fast our officers worked to resolve the issue to keep us safe,” Shawna Blair, program and events coordinator with the student involvement center, said.

Blair said student involvement wanted to give students the chance to say thank you by allowing them to write personal thank you messages.

“[Fresno State PD] never really gets thanked for what they do, and they’re always keeping us safe throughout the year. And I am sure there is plenty of stuff that happens, they keep our students safe and we don’t even know,” said Blair.

Kelsey Hebert, a recreation major, was one of the students who decided to write a thank you message. “I think it’s good to let the police officers know that we acknowledge their hard work. Sometimes police get a bad rap.”

Sona Soghomonian, a psychology major, said, “I think it’s great that they have this thank you note for the Fresno State police department because they really did a good job.”

Soghomonian said that although she was not on campus the day of the incident, she is still very thankful for their fast acting and on not causing panic and keeping students calm.

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