Napping at Fresno State

The Henry Madden Library is ranked 25th in a list of amazing college libraries recently compiled by Paul Schlesinger/The Collegian

Now that we are halfway through the semester, midterms are raining down upon us. Students are working hard, pulling all-nighters and surviving on coffee and Rockstars. But what happens when the stream of caffeine just doesn’t cut it? Where will you be when you have a nap attack?

Well, the best places to be when in need of a nap at Fresno State are as follows:

One: The library. This should be the no-brainer. The Henry Madden Library is a wonderful place filled with books, knowledge, inspiration and couches to nap on. Head to the basement for some real comfort from your GPA. Down in the basement, if you are lucky, you can nab one of the ends of the bench couches.

These couches have high walls and are perfect for rocking back and forth in the fetal position. Sure, there are crumbs in the cushions, and you’re not sure if that was gum on the seat at one point, but damn are those cushions plump and calling your name. These couches are the number one place on campus to pick up a few extra Zs.

You can also head to the third floor and lay in the Reading Room. There is no quieter place on campus. But you do risk getting dirty stares if you are caught snoring.

Two: The music rooms. These are a little less popular. In the Music Building there are multiple small rooms available for you to practice instruments in. The walls are thick and good at canceling out noise. So basically, these rooms are a abused for multiple purposes.

The best abuse of these rooms, though, is for sleep. The rooms are quiet and peaceful, but devoid of furniture usually. So cross your fingers there is a piano room available so that you can slump on the bench and bask in the quiet rooms.

Three: The Peace Garden. This is an outside sleeping venue, so the hours of availability are not as convenient as those of the library and music rooms. This nap area is particularly swell around noontime. The sun is up, the birds are singing and Ghandi is watching over you.

Sure, students mill in the Peace Garden, but it is still fairly quiet. Unless you happen to be napping on a day when the crazy man who throws Bibles at people from the Free Speech Area is there. There is no peace in the Peace Garden on those days.

The trick is to bring a blanket and lay it on one of the weird slopes that seems to pop out of nowhere in the grass. It makes for a relaxing break from all your studying. Plus, it is totally a Snapchat moment with your Starbucks coffee in the grass and Cesar Chavez in the background.

Some places you should never sleep at Fresno State:

Never sleep in your car. It gets way too hot in your car to sleep in the parking lot. Even during October, we are still having heat in the 90s. You can put a Hot Pocket on your dashboard and cook it at Fresno State. Never inflict that kind of baking power upon yourself.

The second place you should never sleep is the University Student Union (USU). This building is a buzz of noisy activity. While the couches might be just as comfy as the library’s couches, you are sure to be harassed in the USU by someone trying to sell you raffle tickets or borrow your charger. Skip the awkward conversations and head towards one of the above three nap locations on campus.

We are lucky that when we can’t spend quality time with our pillows at home, there are a few places to find respite on campus.


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