Jul 04, 2020

Indie film festival opens at Maya

Starting Wednesday, until the end of October, Maya Cinemas will feature a set of independent films as part of the Fresno Indie and Classics film festival.

Larry Porricelli, president of sales and marketing, said the festival features smaller independent films that usually don’t get a chance to be seen because of the popularity of bigger films.

“We try to expose and give everybody a chance to be seen” said Porricelli. “It’s playing everything and anything and letting people see what the diversity in film is.”

The film festival starts with “Aguruphobia,” which was made by Mexican-American filmmakers Richard Montes and Jade Puga.

Puga, star and producer of the movie, will be present for the first screening. She will also be discussing the film.

Five films will each play three times – Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Porricelli said the film festival is a way to expose different places and cultures to moviegoers who have requested that such films be screened.

“We look all the time for independent films and there are so many coming, we just think there is something for everybody.”

Four films will play for weeklong engagements.

“Stonewall,” a movie about the start of the gay movement, will begin to play Friday. The independent film is based on a true story which deals with how the gay movement started at a bar, said Porricelli.

Maya Cinemas will also have a world premiere of “Aram, Aram” on Oct. 1. This film presents the story of a boy who comes from Armenia to America and how he has to leave his grandfather and get used to the American way.

“We have a lot of stars that are coming for this premiere,” Porricelli said.

Other films include: “Best of Enemies,” Khalil Gilbran’s “The Prophet,” “Infinitely Polar Bear,” and “The Goonies.”

Tickets are available at the University Student Union.

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