Fresno State QB Zack Greenlee, other student-athletes arrested

(Left) Zack Greenlee, (Center) Brandon Hughes, (Right) Fanny Johansson

Fresno State sophomore quarterback Zack Greenlee, 20, was arrested Sunday around 1 a.m. for public intoxication along with two other student-athletes, the Fresno Police Department said.

Fellow teammate Brandon Hughes and Fanny Johansson of the women’s soccer team were the two others arrested shortly after.

Hughes was booked for obstructing officers in the performance of their duties and, Johansson was arrested for public intoxication and obstruction of a police officer.

The arrests took place hours after the Fresno State football team’s 45-24 blowout loss to Utah.

Officers responded to the call in the 4500 block of North Bond Street after receiving noise disturbance calls from a nearby house party.

A police sergeant, who was the first to arrive, observed people leaving the house and saw Greenlee drinking from a bottle of Budweiser. The sergeant shined his vehicle spotlight on Greenlee, who then tossed the bottle to a nearby yard, police said.

The sergeant continued to escort people out of the residence and later saw Greenlee drinking an alcoholic beverage out of a red cup. As the officer approached him, he reportedly noticed Greenlee showing symptoms of intoxication. The officer went to arrest him. Greenlee pulled away, but the sergeant was able to pull him to his patrol car where Greenlee was pushed against the vehicle and handcuffed.

Moments later, Hughes, 21, drove up to the scene, parked his car and went to see what was going on. Hughes was informed Greenlee would be booked into jail and began arguing with officers. Officers kept telling Hughes to leave the area, but he said he would not leave and continued to try to gain access to the patrol car Greenlee was in.

The sergeant on the scene told Hughes he was under arrest, but he started backpedaling from the area and telling officers that he refused to be detained. Officers were eventually able to get their hands on Hughes and make the arrest.

In the midst of all this, Johansson, a 23-year-old international student-athlete from Sweden and captain of her team, was also arrested. The senior forward of the women’s soccer team was repeatedly told by officers to leave the residence and wait by her vehicle after the party got shut down. She failed to cooperate and kept interrupting the officers as they were trying to speak with the home renters, police said.

She demanded that the people who live there go and find her purse, which she had left in the house. Johansson kept refusing orders, and officers noticed symptoms of public intoxication. As the officers went to place her under arrest, she pulled away from them and continued to resist until the policemen were eventually able to handcuff her.

Greenlee was released around 7:30 a.m. Sunday. Hughes and Johansson were both released on $10,000 bail about 45 minutes later.

The Fresno State Athletic Department has not yet released a statement regarding disciplinary action.

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