ASI hits rough waves with KFSR

KFSR Generic (Paul Schlesinger)

Associated Students, Inc.’s relationship with on-campus radio station KFSR-FM was called into question during last Wednesday’s ASI meeting.

President Abigail Hudson explained that in the academic year of 2014-2015, ASI had faced some challenges with KFSR in regards to the genre of music that was being played.

KFSR plays mostly jazz and eclectic music. ASI had asked if the genre could be changed to fit students’ interests more closely.  

KFSR opposed these changes and informed ASI that the radio station, although operating at Fresno State, is not directed at Fresno State students, said Hudson.

“They have told us that this is not a radio station for Fresno State students,” said Hudson.

ASI’s contract with KFSR has been a donation of $8,000. This contract gives ASI a radio show, “Dog Dish”, and free music at events such as Thirsty Thursday, tailgates and Traditions Day.

The new contract would not only have required ASI to make the donation fee, but it would also require it to make an additional donation for each event in which KFSR is requested to be present.

ASI executives forwarded the new contract to the ASI senate.

“There is a strong recommendation that we don’t renew the contract,” Hudson said.

A reason why the ASI senate should not approve the new contract, explained the student body president, is that KFSR is not a radio station that is heard by many Fresno State students. KFSR will also not be willing to play the requested music ASI requests at the events and will charge an extra fee for each event.

A possible alternative is to have speakers at the events at which music is needed or to hire a DJ which would result in a much lower fee compared with the donation KFSR is requesting.

Senators were left to contemplate whether they want to move forward with the contract or not.

Faith Sidlow, faculty adviser and student liaison for KFSR, said that, as of now, there is no contract with ASI as no agreement has been reached.

“We are continuing to work on this matter,” Sidlow said. “We haven’t heard from ASI, and we can’t speculate on answers until we have information on what ASI plans to do.”

ASI will make a decision in the next meeting on Sept. 23.

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