Diaper-changing stations an issue for parents on campus

Robert Boyd, associate vice president for facilities management on campus, said the number of diaper-changing stations for both men’s and women’s restrooms on campus is limited.

“We really don’t have many installed in either restroom, as there are not many requests for them. I think if needed and used, yes, it is another service that could be utilized,” Boyd said.

He added some changing stations are available and located in the Thomas Building, some are found at the Bulldog Stadium venues, and some in the Joyal and Art buildings on the first floor.

“In general, we have limited amounts and really none in men’s restrooms,” Boyd said.

If there begins to be more demands for more changing stations, Boyd said, then it’s something that can be implemented.

Catherine Mathis, program director for Fresno State’s Programs for Children (PFC) said that the daycare center is serving 200 children this year.

“Of the 200, I would estimate that 85 to 90 percent are children of Fresno State students,” Mathis said. “The remaining 10 to 15 percent are children of faculty/staff and community…”

Fresno State senior Jose Ricardo Madrigal is not only a student but a father, as well, and sees the benefit of having more changing areas on campus.

“Yes, because sometimes I come to campus and take a stroll with my son, and in the future, I would like to show my future children where I went to school,” Madrigal said. “I will be using it when I come to visit, run an errand or engage in services offered by the campus, such as bowling.”

Madrigal believes installing more changing stations would have positive effects on the campus.

“It will probably draw more families to come and enjoy the University Student Union since it will have proper accommodations,” Madrigal said.

About a week ago, Madrigal was on campus and was in need of a changing area for his son.

“I came with my son to visit and enjoy some of the services offered, and I had to change the child in my car,” Madrigal said.

Madrigal mentioned how it’s a common misconception that only mothers take care of the children, while the dad goes out and works.

“I believe and strongly support both parents being there for their children and splitting the work between mom and dad to raise their children,” Madrigal said.

He said he plans to join the movement toward bringing changing stations to men’s restrooms.

“Places like our local zoo have diaper-changing stations in the men’s restrooms, so why not an institution?” Madrigal asked.


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