Fresno State: creating a more sustainable campus

Numerous clubs, faculty members and organizations are attempting to make Fresno State a more sustainable campus through informative student events.

“We really need students to report water problems to the university,” Thomas Holyoke, a water politics professor said.

He also explained that if Fresno State wants to be the best college in the Valley when it come to water conservation students need to be made more aware of the drought situation.

“We all have to learn to be good stewards of water,” Holyoke said.

A section of the Fresno State website lists all current Fresno State attempts to be more eco-friendly.

Fresno State is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, changing almost all lights and lamps on campus to high-efficiency lights. The solar panels next to The Save Mart Center provide 20 percent of the campuses core power, reducing the amount of gas emissions that the campus releases, aiding both the campus and the environment.

The Sustainability Club here at Fresno State mission is to inform and inspire students to get involved, but senior Kassandra Hishida said that they cannot do it alone.

“Successful communication of what we are already doing and why we should be doing it in the first place is sorely lacking,” Hishida said.

She said that if the university was able to participate in the club and promote sustainability, it would aid their goal exponentially.

Professor Mara Brady of the department of Earth and environmental sciences described the club at Fresno State, saying that it was nearly entirely student run.

However, some students are almost completely unaware of the activities that the university is doing. When asked what they know about Fresno State being a sustainable campus many students reply with a brief, “I don’t know,” or “kinda.”


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