Frat shows that racism lives

Did you know we live in a post-racial society? Well, it’s true, right? We have a black president, so racism is over. It turns out some people didn’t get that memo.

By now, everyone has heard what happened in Oklahoma with the frat singing and the incredibly racist chant.

The bad part is, their liberal use of racial slurs wasn’t the worst part of the chant.

“… you can hang them from a tree, but they’ll never sign with me, there will never be a n—– in SAE,” is what the white men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon gleefully chanted.

The meaning of the chant itself is almost worse than the use of the derogatory term.

The University of Oklahoma shut down the fraternity and expelled two of the ringleaders of the chant, the video of which was obtained by the school’s student newspaper.

The hard question is, is this just?

At first glance, the school should have expelled the lot of them for their despicable display.

These frats that want to be a center for leadership growth cannot be a forum for the past’s racist ways. It brings down everyone.

The problem is, at what point does the school risk infringing on the college kids’ constitutional right to be bigots?

The University of Oklahoma, which is a public college, might be treading on dangerous ground for expelling students based on speech. That being said, the frat boys got exactly what they deserved.

When it comes down to it, if you’re going to claim that you’re America’s future leaders, then you had better act like it.

You shouldn’t act like you’re in the Klan.

Racism has been the national theme, especially in the last two years. What’s going on in Ferguson, Missouri is yet another sign that our society is racially charged.

The Department of Justice found that Ferguson Police routinely discriminated against black people, but there are entire news networks that think it isn’t a big deal, and that it doesn’t prove that racism is still abounds.

This is not a series of isolated incidents. It’s a systemic problem that exists despite our a “post-racial America.”

It’s ironic that the same “news” network that thinks we live in a post-racial society because we elected a black president spends every waking moment tearing down that president in a way that’s unprecedented in history – but claiming it’s not racially-motivated.

You’re right, nothing is wrong here. Move along.

See the chant captured on video below.

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