ASI senate proposes course offerings be posted five years in advance, syllabuses uploaded online

Associated Students Inc. is proposing a plan that would push departments to create five-year schedules of the courses they offer and upload course syllabuses online  — a system senators said would give students more guidance when registering for classes.

Most departments at Fresno State offer certain courses one semester per year. While the Fresno State online catalog indicates which semester courses are usually offered, the actual course lineups for the following semesters aren’t made available until the registration period opens.

The proposal ASI sent to the Academic Senate calls for departments to have course lineups set five years in advance, a model it said will emulate the department of mathematics which has a list of course offerings through 2019 available online.

Senators at the meeting said students often have to wait until the registration period to get a good handle on whether the classes they need will be available the following semester.

“It’s a way to make sure students are graduating on time, because they can know where they are, and they will be able to plan their graduation path,” said ASI senator Kaitlyn Sims. “It would be so simple to implement and incredibly effective.”

The proposal also calls for instructors to upload their course syllabuses to their department websites.

Sims said it would be beneficial for students to go on the department website and look at the syllabus before registering for classes; adding the planned course offerings would still be subject to change due to enrollment or budget constraints.

Provost Zelezny: Need for impaction a result of increase in applications

Fresno State Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Lynnette Zelezny updated the ASI on the current proposal of impaction which aims to decrease the number of students accepted to Fresno State in 2016 due to a lack of funding.

Zelezny said impaction is a result of a success story for Fresno State.

“We are becoming a destination campus,” Zelezny said. “Students want to come to Fresno State because of its academics.”

She added that the problem is due to the fact that Fresno State does not get enough funding from the state to support the number of students.

“The state gives a specified funding which equates to admission number,” she said. “That number is typically not a problem, but in this day and age, with an increasing amount of applications, we face a challenge.”

Sims announced that the Craig School of Business will continue with its honors program next year after briefly considering the possibility of cutting the program.

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