Nov 22, 2019
Paul Schlesinger / The Collegian

Black Students United celebrate Africana Culture Night

From monologues, to fashion shows to awards, Africana Culture Night paid tribute to Black History Month on Friday night in the Satellite Student Union.

Paul Schlesinger / The Collegian

Paul Schlesinger / The Collegian

For the past three years, Black Students United has organized the event celebrating African-American culture. BSU’s mission was to showcase African-Americans’ talents in a positive way, said its vice president Michael Riley.

“You know what we see on TV is always negative—you know, drugs, sex, drugs and sex. The fleeting pleasures of sin,” said Riley.

Local students and outside performers came to participate in Africana Cultural Night.

“We had Black Dance express, who has been working on their routine for weeks,” Riley said. “We had Love City who have toured in Tokyo and just came back from New York today to perform here, and Just Be Dope clothing line gave us a fashion show.”

There was also BSU member Joshua Slack, who performed the first act of the night—a monologue that was divided in two parts and expressed the various stereotypes made about African-American people.

“When I was saying ‘dear white people,’ I was really saying there are things that are really wrong you are doing but trying to make lighter and funny,” Slack said. “When I was saying ‘dear black people’ that was more of like a unity part, because in our black community there is not much unity. We really don’t have our own economics or place to go back to.”

Fresno State alumus Brian Burns said that when he came in to Fresno State as a freshman, he didn’t know any African-Americans. Now, Burns proudly said these events are refreshing to see, and it is something that the African-American community can call their own.

“I really love coming to this events, because they are the type that brings positivity,” Burns said.

Riley also added BSU plans to organize a poetry event next.

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