Feb 19, 2020

Select Campus Pointe retailers open doors soon

In February 2014, Fresno State partnered with local developer Kashian Enterprises to break ground on a new shopping center across from the Save Mart Center at Fresno State.

A year later, construction on Campus Pointe is in its final stages, and many of the businesses can see the dream taking shape.

Excitement is building as the Fresno State community looks forward to a new shopping center complete with a variety of stores and restaurants as well as a movie theater.

“There’s not a lot of places on campus, so it’s good to have a shopping center,” said Wendy Xiong, a Fresno State junior majoring in nursing. “I can walk there, so it’s not too far.”

Aside from the location, Xiong also looks forward to keeping herself busy between classes.

“For students with a big gap in front of their classes, it’s great that there is a theater because it kills time,” Xiong said.

In addition to the movie theater, 12 tenants have signed leases at Campus Pointe.

Two of the tenants expected to open this spring are Wahoo’s Fish Tacos and Cold Stone Creamery.

Annette Benevedes, local owner of both stores,  expects them to open when the landlord says the building is ready.

“We should be able to get started soon,” Benevedes said. “We’re waiting for delivery from our landlord which means when the building is ready, we can go in and do our improvements.”

After all the hard work, Benevedes said she is relieved to see the project coming together.

“We’re so excited to get started. We think the project is really cool,” Benevedes said. “We’ve always done whatever we can with Fresno State and now being on campus, we can take it to a new level. We want to get in and be proactive. ”

Kristen DeGroot-Vaz, owner of Farm Fresh Bowls, is in a similar situation as she eagerly anticipates the opening of her store at Campus Pointe.

“We are hoping to open by May or June. That’s the target if everything goes according to plan,” DeGroot-Vaz said. “The exterior is there, but the interior needs to be finished, and we’re in the permitting process.  As soon as permits are finished, we’ll start construction.”

The Visalia-based business hopes to provide fresh, locally grown food for the Fresno State community.

Ajay Hira, partner at Yogurtland, is looking forward to making a huge impact at Fresno State with the opening of Yogurtland at Campus Pointe.

“We already do a lot with Fresno State, and we’re excited to do even more,” Hira said. “This is an opportunity for us to do fundraisers with Fresno State and develop student growth.”

Hira doesn’t have a specific date for the opening of Yogurtland but expects to start within six to eight weeks after Campus Pointe opens for tenants.

Mad Duck, another hangout for students, will also be available near campus. Principal partner Alex Costa hopes to see the business open by at least March.  Although the opening of Mad Duck has been delayed due to construction, Costa remains optimistic.

“If anything, the delays have prepared us to be more prepared. We’ve used the time wisely to develop our beers,” Costa said. “Our chefs really have the menu nailed down now. You want to be open as soon as you can, but it’s more important that you open right.”

Costa believes Campus Pointe will have a significant impact on Fresno State.

“Campus Pointe will make Fresno State feel like its own little city,” Costa said. “It’s the last piece of the puzzle that will make Fresno State thrive as a college atmosphere.”

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