Brew Review: Stone Brewing Company’s new IPA is… quite ‘Delicious’

Troy Pope / The Collegian

Troy Pope / The Collegian

When non-beer nerds think about IPAs, generally their minds go to an intense bitterness. People who are uninformed tend to think of bitter IPAs as a mistake. As if beer isn’t supposed to be bitter. IPAs are intended to be bitter. A lot of common, “bitter-beer-face” beers that people buy in stores are bitter because they aren’t good.

Most IPAs are considered “craft” beer, and some of the best ones destroy your palate with intent. However, beer nerds look for IPAs of all types. It’s not just the mouth-destroying IPAs that they look for, and even though you’ll find them all year long, they’re even better in hot weather because they’re refreshing.

What gives the IPA its distinct bitter, piney and crisp flavor are the hops.

The IPA’s existence was unintentional. Way back when, a brewery was trying to ship pale ales to India. What they found out was that by the time they arrived in India the beer had spoiled. In a desperate attempt to keep the beer fresher longer, they added more hops to the beer which allowed their pale ale to survive the journey. Once people realized that adding more hops to beer made it taste even better, the Indian pale ale was born.

Ask 10 beer enthusiasts what Stone Brewing Company is known for, and 10 of them will tell you they’re known for IPAs. It seems like Stone has new IPAs coming out all the time, and their new beer, “Delicious,” is just as good as it sounds.

At first glance, this great new IPA pours a beautiful gold. Just by the look of the white foamy top and the smell, a bouncy citrus and notes of lemon, you can tell that regardless of the alcohol content, it’s going to be a smooth drink. The first sip is delicious and, just as quickly as the intense hops fill your mouth, the flavor is suddenly gone. The flavor rushes in and has an incredibly quick finish. It’s like taking a shot of hard liquor that has no aftertaste. The citrus flavor is one of the biggest draws of this beer and is what makes it so refreshing.

This is a great beer for barbeques, camping or any other outdoor event.

The only possible negative is that it’s very easy to drink. This is clearly a session beer that’s super smooth, while maintaining a 7.5 percent alcohol by volume. Session beers aren’t bad by any means, but these craft beers should have a flavor that lasts beyond the time it’s in your mouth. You should be able to experience the flavor for a longer time.

The masses will love this beer, but Stone’s “Enjoy By” beer has more alcohol, more flavor and is more memorable. The taste is gone so quickly it’s possible to forget what it tastes like.
Other than that nitpicky issue, this beer is fantastic. Stone offers the beer in six packs, 22-ounce bottle “bombers” and the brewery also puts it in its variety pack.

If you see it on tap, order a glass. If you see it on store shelves, put it in your refrigerator. Your friends will thank you.

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