Indie Punk Bands Play Up Local Music Scene

Logan Downing / The Collegian
Logan Downing / The Collegian

Logan Downing / The Collegian

East Coast indie punk bands Lemuria and Into It. Over It. played Wednesday night at local venue Strummer’s, located in the center of Fresno’s Tower District, as part of their nationwide tour, which ends in mid-December in Nebraska.

Local twee punk band Sci-Fi Caper opened for the two touring bands, and played their infectious, poppy take on pop punk, with bassist and main vocalist, Emelia Guadarrama, singing her catchy, upbeat tunes about love and youthful exuberance. Sing-alongs with the crowd have been a constant occasion during their sets, and Wednesday was no exception.

Following Sci-Fi Capers was the first half of the mainline acts, Into It. Over It. A solo project fronted by Evan Weiss, a prolific Chicago singer songwriter and influential figure in the emo indie scene in the United States. Weiss has been in countless bands and played Fresno earlier this year in May, in one incarnation of his craft at the indie rock festival Nickfest, and helps manage a record label and recording studio for various bands.

The songs he played were heartfelt, emotive, and left many people holding each other and singing along. While it was just him and a acoustic guitar, he emphasized the empty sound with energy and upbeat songs, creating a positive atmosphere coinciding with his more melancholy songs. He closed his set on a fan favorite and one of his more popular songs, “Anchor.”

Buffalo-based Lemuria was the second half of the headlining act. This being their 3rd time in Fresno, Lemuria has created a growing cult following each time they are on the West Coast. They play powerful, catchy, indie pop punk. Lead by guitarist Sheena Ozzela, Lemuria has been the face of the emergence of female-fronted punk bands that have increased in popularity in the indie circuit.

Lemuria played fan favorites including “Dogs,” a revenge-breakup anthem that the crowd pumped their fists to, while screaming their hearts out. The crowd was relatively small, but every person present was a die hard fan, singing along to every line and verse. They played new unrecorded material and were met with an extremely positive response, among their Fresno fans.

To finish the night, Into It. Over It. and Lemuria shared the staged and played a special set consisting of songs written by each member, which were unrecorded, as they were trying out the songs while on the nationwide tour.

As a closer, all members ended the night with a cover of the 80s classic to “Melt with You,” by Modern English, which then caused the entire venue to sing along to the cult classic.

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