Thanksgiving at Fresno State is its own adventure, students say

While some students have the luxury of returning home for Thanksgiving, a select few students will be spending Turkey Day in the dorms at University Courtyard.

According to University Courtyard’s summer conference and marketing coordinator Matthew Gorella, “Students are allowed to stay in the dorms during the duration of the Thanksgiving break which will last from Wednesday, Nov. 26, until Friday, Nov. 28.”

Unfortunately for those students, the Residence Dining Hall will be closed until after the break.  The RDH wrapped up its November celebration by hosting a Thanksgiving-themed banquet last week.

This leaves those stranded students with the challenge of constructing their own holiday meals, attempting to cook on stoves located within various dorms or doing takeout.

Julius Armstrong, a junior from Philadelphia majoring in public administration, considers himself an expert at surviving Thanksgiving in the dorms.

“I view myself to be somewhat of a veteran at this,” he said. “Last year, I also stayed here in the dorms, and I got by mostly on ordering takeout from local restaurants around campus since I can’t cook a lick.”

Will Wilkins, a junior from Antioch majoring in kinesiology, works at the local Wendy’s on Shaw and Cedar avenues and notices an upward spike in students during Thanksgiving break.

“Normally you see college students frequenting here during these times, and rightfully so,” he said. “Considering the time, effort and the proximity to campus, it’s almost a no-brainer.”

Xi Bao, a senior from Hong Kong majoring in interior design, plans to spend Thanksgiving with other international students, most likely at a diner.

“I and others from overseas only go home for the Christmas break. During this time, we have our own tradition of going to a local diner and reminiscing on Thanksgiving back home in our own native countries,” she said. “It also helps when you can order as many desserts and wash them down with alcohol, as well.”


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