Dec 16, 2019

Charles Manson’s engaged but somehow I’m still single

Charles Manson, best known as the leader of the “Manson Family” cult who was convicted in 1971 of the murders of five people – one of whom was pregnant – is officially engaged to his girlfriend.

The cult leader was no stranger to the ladies during in his heyday. He has two ex-wives and many former mistresses. But the news of the impending marriage for the convicted killer is mostly annoying for one reason: I’m still single.

Everywhere you turn on campus, there are couples doing couple things. It’s disgusting. But it’s more annoying with the knowledge that felons can find love and so many of us can’t manage to find each other.

It is what it is. There’s no sense in stressing about it. Things happen less often when you’re trying to make them happen.

However, as a single person, it’s somewhat disheartening to see everyone around you displaying such public displays of affection. It’s not like it hurts the feelings of single people, but we get tired of seeing it every second.

True, we could stare at the ground while we walk across campus, but then we’ll never catch the eye of someone who could be a potential partner.

It’s hard finding someone you can connect with. Sometimes, you are a perfect match except for the small detail of not being able to stand being around them.

Somehow, this mass murderer, Manson, can find love, and we can’t. I guess it’s one of the perks of being a cult leader. Generally they’re extremely charming and can even bend you to their will.

This is not the case for those of us living in the real world.

Being single in 2014 means that another hassle is finding a person you connect with on every level, but finding out they are not of your sexual orientation. Back to square one.

Does anyone else ever feel like everyone else is the crazy one? Why is every person you go on a date with crazy or have an inappropriate level of eccentricity?

Sure, I enjoy dorky and offbeat, but when you yell at strangers on a date or live with your mother and have 20 cats that don’t use their litter boxes, it’s a problem.

It’s harder when you let yourself feel like you’re the problem, but you should only be self-critical to a certain extent.

Yes, you should be mature enough to realize what things you’re doing wrong in an attempt to better yourself, but it can lead to over analyzing and self-loathing.

When it comes down to it, we can’t become convicted criminals or tattoo charming swastikas on our foreheads in an attempt to find love.

We just have to go about our days and let life come at us.

Forget that Charles Manson is getting married for a third time; crazy attracts crazy. If you haven’t found someone, just focus your energy on finishing school. Make yourself an even better catch by graduating.

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