A Rush for the record books

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Sean Stancill contributed to this report.

Over 200 Fresno State students gather in the North Gym for the Fresno State Sorority Recruitment Orientation during Rush Week on Thursday, Sept. 25. Darlene Wendels / The Collegian

Over 200 Fresno State students gather in the North Gym for the Fresno State Sorority Recruitment Orientation during Rush Week on Thursday, Sept. 25. Darlene Wendels / The Collegian

As students gear up for the grind that is the fall semester, not only will they begin prepping for midterms and other projects but also for a barrage of Greek History.

This week, Fresno State students will begin popularizing the colorful shacks lining the pathway near the Kennel Bookstore in hopes of finding more information about pledging a fraternity or sorority.

There are many reasons to join a fraternity or sorority. For those who are shy, joining the Greek system can be a great way to meet new friends as well as build long term relationships through networking. That same networking can prove to be quite helpful when it comes to employment after college.

It is also commonplace for those in fraternities or sororities to engage in intramural sports which can foster and build teamwork, growth, cooperation as well as leadership.

According to the Greek Life Student Affairs index website, “Greek Life combines a variety of opportunities in leadership, social events, and educational programs and can be a home away from home.”

Rush week and other Greek Life events have been delayed after the death of freshman Phillip Dhanens, who was attempting to pledge Theta Chi two years ago to alcohol poisoning.

Students can also inquire about policies as well as chapter status sanctions via the website.

There are 13 fraternities and five sororities that are associated with the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and the Panhellenic Association (PHA).

Through these fraternities occurs the process known as formal recruitment.

Formal recruitment denotes a specific period of time during the early portion of the Fall semester when both responsive men and women can participate in organized recruitment designated to acquaint students to all of the Interfraternity and Panhellenic council member chapters.

After formal recruitment, there is also a period known as open recruitment; either during the fall or spring in which individual chapters can open their doors to potential recruitment if the chapter is below its desired number.

Overall there are roughly more than 1300 men and women in more than 40 different fraternities at Fresno State.

Prospective pledges can sign up for updates and even notifications regarding Fresno State Greek Life by downloading an app called Guidebook.

According to Anthony Cordova a sophomore from Madera majoring in advertising, pledging fees for Phi Delta Theta are around $450 for the Fall 14 semester.

“It’s worth it because it is cheaper than other fraternities but the value and experience is still exceptional.”

Joshua Ramos, a member of Delta Sigma noted that “there are always a variety of events happening during Rush week.”

Ramos’s fraternity will be having events all week including Buffalo Wild Wings on Thursday, basketball and a Tri tip dinner at the fraternity house on Friday and a car wash and barbecue also at the house on Saturday.

Marcus Castro, a member of Pike and a sophomore majoring in kinesiology, noted that dues for his fraternity will be around 350-400 for the fall semester. Castro’s fraternity will also be having events throughout the week including dodgeball, bowling, flag football, and community service.

”Overall fraternity life has been great for me. I’ve met a few people from my hometown of Salinas as well as other people from school from the Central Valley.”

Last year, more than 300 Fresno State students joined the Greek system. More than 160 women and more than 140 men received bids to sororities and fraternities – both record numbers.

That might change this year.

“It’s exciting,” Green said. “I think it’s great to see so many students get involved in Greek life.”

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