Parking wars 2014

The days of having a nice, calm morning enjoying your cup of coffee are over, at least for some of us.

With the second week of instruction nearly over, those who drive to school may ask the question: “Can teleportation just be invented already?” after spending 10 minutes (at the least) finding a spot. You know where I’m going with this—parking wars at Fresno State.

The inevitable complaints, rants and opinions come in full swing once the semester starts and even freshmen adapt quickly to this frustrating game that all students have played at one point or another.

After spending three years commuting either through carpool, public transportation (the lovely FAX bus), getting dropped off and now having my own car, I’ve come to the conclusion there are four phases to this conundrum:

  • Wishful thinking part one: When you still have a fraction of optimism left over from the breakfast you managed to snag before driving off to campus.
  • (In)Patient Patty: When it’s been about five minutes and you start thinking of Plan B (and C and D) as to which parking lot you should try your luck at next.
  • Wishful Thinking part two: When students gives you a glimmer of hope they will give you a spot, but then all hope is gone when they shake their heads “no” as you stalk, I mean drive alongside, them.
  • Boiling point: When you see that your class has already started and you now have to either dig up change for a meter or park in a lot so far that you might as well skip said class.

Now, with more than 23,000 students enrolled, there’s bound to be obvious solutions to this recurring problem. One being you can wake up early and lose more precious shuteye that students barely get enough of.

Two, you can carpool and be one of the lucky ones to attain a coveted spot by the Henry Madden Library.

Or three, suck it up and complain about it for five minutes when you run into the first friend you see on campus. If you have no friends, please work on that, and go vent about it on social media.

Until our campus receives funding to begin work on new parking infrastructure or lot, it looks like we’re all in this together (cue “High School Musical” sing-along).

If and when we get the much-needed money to improve this, I merely suggest we replace the lab school with a new parking lot.

I mean, there are plenty of classrooms on campus to go around right?

To those who are within walking distance to school—relish the time you save by doing so—and please walk faster through parking as to not confuse the frustrated drivers fighting for a space.

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