Jul 05, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Healthful option should replace Chick-fil-A

By: Rebecca Marton

As a graduate student at Fresno State, I am appalled by the restaurant choices that could potentially replace Chick-fil-A.

Having greasy, meaty Mexican food would be a great option if our students weren’t worried about its health. But it is 2014 and obesity rates are rising daily, and that’s something we all need to be more aware of.

Furthermore, a meat pie is on the same wavelength. How are students supposed to properly retain information and learn when they’re in a food coma.

One serving of carne asada fries amounts to over 1,500 calories. That is almost your total caloric intake for an entire day wasted in one sitting. Not to mention, the health center on campus would take a hit from this as well.

Why don’t we as a campus promote a more healthy option, such as Pita Pit or a Farmer’s Market with Fresno State’s produce and promote healthy eating habits. We already have plenty of unhealthy options on campus (Taco Bell, Panda). A healthy option would better serve our campus and better serve everyone’s health.

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