Redbox on campus? Yes, please.


Why there would be benefits to having a Redbox at Fresno State

It’s Friday night and you’re sitting in your dorm room or what have you, and you want to watch a movie. Problem is you already scoured through the Netflix database, and there’s nothing you haven’t seen or feel like watching.

Should you take a trip to the actual theaters? No, you just spent most of your money when you (most likely) went out with friends the previous night.

There’s one option that could easily resolve this problem…hello Redbox! How beneficial would it be to have multiple Redboxes on campus?

For those who don’t know what Redbox is, it is an automated kiosk that allows DVD, Blu-ray Discs and videogame rental for $1.20. These nifty little things are based in local grocery stores, pharmacies and mass retailers around Fresno and are rising in popularity across America ever since the closure of Blockbuster.

Granted, there is usually a line around the times people generally feel like watching a movie, but they don’t take long. Unless, of course, there is an indecisive person (I’m not naming names) trying to figure which movies the whole group would enjoy.

However, if there were some Redboxes on campus, it would not only be popular amongst the student crowd, it could increase traffic in the University Student Union main floor and other parts of campus that could increase student participation.

I personally don’t live in a dorm, but like the other students who live in the surrounding areas, it would be convenient to just be a stone’s throw away from a fun night in watching the new “Captain America” movie.

Now, I’m just a student suggesting a pretty awesome idea that could possibly happen, so I’m not 100 percent how the logistics would be for this to be executed, but I am 100 percent sure on the potentiality.

Redbox can even benefit those whose class was “canceled,” and they’re just waiting around for a few hours until their next one. Students can just head over, wait in the ever growing line, rent a Robert Downey Jr. movie (because those are always enjoyable), and pop it in their laptop.

I personally can picture a day where I have a huge gap between work and school, I don’t want to venture off campus and I am already caught up on homework along with my favorite TV shows.

What should Yvette Mancilla do? Talk to friends? No, they are busy with class. Take a nap? Nope, not tired. Go home? My car is way too far, and these shoes are really uncomfortable (but cute).

And that’s where Redbox would come in.


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