Sports bar patrons share Super Bowl takeaways


Customers watching the Super Bowl at Buffalo Wild Wings cheered as the Seattle Seahawks scored a touchdown in the first half of the game.    Julian Paredes / The Collegian

By Roger Munoz

The heavy rain didn’t stop football fans from going out and enjoying the big game at their local sports bars.

This year’s Super Bowl pitted the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks, and for those who weren’t fans of either team, the Broncos were the clear favorite at Buffalo Wild Wings. One reason was that 49ers fans did not want their team’s rival to win the big game.

“I’m going for the Broncos,” Hector Porras, 24, said. “I’m a Niner fan, and I have deep, deep hatred for the Seahawks. I just don’t like the Seahawks, in general. I just don’t like the team.”

Corban Reznicek, 17, agreed with Porras’ thinking.

“I don’t like the Seahawks,” Reznicek said . “They beat the 49ers. That’s my team. I hope [the Broncos] beat them. I hope they beat the Seahawks.”

Jesus Porras, 20, a New England Patriots fan, had a different mindset. He was rooting for the team that eliminated his Patriots.

“I’m going for the Broncos,” Porras said. “They outplayed the Patriots. The thing is, I just want the team that beat my team to win.”

Jeffrey Hodges, 25, sporting a Colts Peyton Manning jersey was rooting for his old quarterback to win another ring.

“I’ve been a Colts fan for years, so I would like to see Peyton Manning get one more and turn it in,” Hodges said.

He praised Manning for having a good work ethic and being a true role model of the game.

Sadly for the Broncos supporters, the Seahawks dismantled the Broncos in the first half by shutting them out 22-0, and the Broncos were unable to dig themselves out in the second half as the Seahawks poured it on in the second half, winning 43-8.

The commercials during the Super Bowl often get a whole lot of attention, the football fans at Buffalo Wild Wings looked forward to seeing the new movie trailers.

Hodges said he was looking forward to a couple of trailers.

“There’s usually a lot of good movie trailers,” he said. “Those I’m waiting on: ‘Haunted House 2’ and ‘Captain America.’”

Arnold Gomez, 24, who was indifferent about the game, was looking forward to the commercials, especially a particular movie trailer. Gomez said he couldn’t wait to see the new ‘Transformers’ movie trailer.

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