May 31, 2020

Bertoni to run for ASI president

Jared Bertoni, a sophomore majoring in business marketing, will run against Associate Students, Inc. President Moses Menchaca in the upcoming ASI elections.

The 19-year-old Fresno native is currently an ASI senator-at-large for clubs and organizations. Besides ASI, Bertoni is a member of Sigma Chi and a student adivser for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) committee, which is dedicated to the integrity and meaning of the accredited degree.

The Collegian sat down with Bertoni and asked him about what he plans to do if elected president, and on what platform he plans to run.

THE COLLEGIAN: What made you want to run for ASI president?

BERTONI: Just being exposed the last two years. I’ve gotten to know a couple of the past ASI presidents, and right away I just could tell it was something I was going to aspire to do at one point.

I feel like I’m a pretty diversified candidate for the job. I understand students on a lot of different levels. I’m not just a student that goes to school and goes home. I’m involved in the school. I’m invested in the school.

What is your platform for campaigning?

From what I’ve seen with past presidents, there’s a hard balance to keep with tying how ASI and the administration relationship goes. I think sometimes you can lose sight of the ASI-student relationship.

The whole reason the student government is here is to serve students. That’s my biggest thing. I want to be a resource for students. I want to be in meetings with students.

I know it’s really important to have relationships with the administration, to be in the loop with that and see what’s going on there, but I want to be there for students.

What are some things you hope to tackle if elected president?

A couple of things:

With the tablet initiative coming up, I’d like to be involved in that initiative. I don’t think that a lot of students were really aware of what was going on. I don’t think that was really fair and transparent. I want to make sure that as it develops and carries on that the affordability and that the student voice is really shed.

Also, allocating funds to the readership program and making sure USA Today and the Wall Street Journal is available to students.

Things like signage and parking are big things. I want to make sure that signs are really distinct in what they’re saying, making sure that students aren’t getting parking violations or that there’s more than enough parking.

What do you think the biggest challenge will be?

I think the biggest challenge initially, if I was elected, is just that there’s so much coming on your plate. There’s so much to get used to and learn. I think that that transition will be kind of tough at first.

I think nothing can quite prepare you for that initial shock of getting [elected].

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