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Photo courtesy of Dylan Thompson The group that attended the club’s Northstar California Resort ski trip in 2011. This year, the club hopes to volunteer at the Special Olympics.

Photo courtesy of Dylan Thompson
The group that attended the club’s Northstar California Resort ski trip in 2011. This year, the club hopes to volunteer at the Special Olympics.

From the paintball to gun club, a handful of recreational clubs are waiting for Fresno State students to jump on the bandwagon and join.

With school at the beginning of a new semester, clubs are embarking on their first meet and greets for students who are interested.

Fresno State Ski and Snowboard Club president Dylan Thompson, a business marketing major, said their club is looking for new members to join.

“We were around 400 people about two to three years ago,” Thompson said. “Now we are around 80 members.”

Thompson said the club works with China Peak. He said for $100, members can get a season pass to China Peak, which by itself can cost up to $349.

“With our China Peak pass this year that we worked out for the ski club, when you go up your first time, you get free rentals and a free lesson,” Thompson said. “Then after that, every rental you do for boots, board and such is $20, when usually it’s about $35 to $40.”

Thompson said the club also wants to have social events.

“We’re trying to do a tailgate, hopefully do some charity work for the Special Olympics and maybe a club trip to a snowboard shop along with another trip to a mountain,” Thompson said. “So we kind of want to make it a little more social and interactive.”

Thompson also said they are seeking sponsors and donations to raffle off as prizes to students this year.

“Right now, we’re talking to a couple of small brand sponsors that make snowboards, gloves, belts,” Thompson said. “We’re going to try to get some businesses to maybe sponsor events, like a sponsored golf tournament or tailgate.”

Thompson said students interested in joining the club can attend the first two meetings this week on Wednesday at 5 p.m. and Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Music Building, Room 160. He said there is a $20 fee to join.

The club will also be raffling off a free snowboard at each meeting. Thompson said students can visit the Fresno State Ski Snowboard-Club Facebook page for more information.

Fresno State’s Paintball Club also is looking for new students to join the team. Paintball club president Michael Boothby, an engineering and biology major, said the team has five open spots on its competitive roster. He said students also can join to participate at practices for recreation.

“Anyone can join,” Boothby said. “And we encourage people.

“For some reason, people think that we’re not accepting other individuals, and that we’re closed off, but we want people to come out.”

For the competitive roster, Boothby said students have to try out, and selection is limited.

“We don’t just take everyone,” Boothby said. “You have to hold your own and have the certain skills for that level.

“So that’s why with the competitive roster, it’s a max of 15 that we can do, and right now we’re at 10.”

Boothby said the paintball team competes in the Class A level of the National Collegiate Paintball Association. He said it was the club’s first time competing at the NCPA championships in Florida back in April.

“Right now, we’re just practicing because we have the Collegiate World Cup in October,” Boothby said. “So, that’s their last tournament of the season before the national championships next year.”

Boothby said anyone interested in joining the paintball club’s competitive roster or joining for recreational purposes can visit Fresno State Paintball’s Facebook page for more information.

Fresno State’s Nature Club also has some outdoor recreational events that students can attend. Nature club president Jessica Fernainy, an animal science major, said the club has two hiking trips planned for the next month, and the only cost is the park entry fee.

“This year, I’m trying to gear it towards more outdoor recreation,” Fernainy said. “So just hiking for fun.

“We have a Yosemite trip planned in about a month in October, and we’re going to Grant Grove in the Sequoias on Sept. 21, and anyone is free to come.”

She said the club has about 60 people on its email list but only has about 10 active members.

“Anyone can join anytime,” Fernainy said. “Anyone, all majors, at anytime.

“You can just send us a message on Facebook, and we’ll add you to our email list, and that’s pretty much the process for joining.”

Fernainy said she thinks students interested in nature or other club activities should join a club in general to meet other students with the same interests.

“I think the nature club is good for people who don’t necessarily have friends that enjoy hiking, and it’s hard to meet people with that specific interest,” Fernainy said. “I have friends here, but don’t have as many friends interested in hiking.

“So that’s why I got into the club, because I hoped that I would meet people who would be able to do that with me and who knew the area better.”

Students interested in participating in the nature club can visit the Fresno State Nature Club’s Facebook page, or visit for more information about the recreational clubs available on campus.

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