Honor society members express gratitude

Golden Key International Honour Society can guide you on the path to discovering your potential.

It was founded in 1977 and was established to reward students with outstanding academics by providing them with great opportunities for success.

These opportunities utilize the three pillars —academics, leadership and service — to help maximize possibilities for becoming a well-rounded individual.

Golden Key offers many scholarships to its members for their academic achievements. More than $8 million in scholarships and grants have been awarded to members and alumni in different fields around the world.

We want students to have the tools in order to further their education without the financial trouble.

Have you always been shy and afraid to become a leader? Golden Key can help you break out of your shell by building leadership skills.

You can become an officer and attend meetings and organized events, as well as working with others at chapter, regional and international levels. Golden Key is also dedicated to impact local communities through service and public works.

Golden Key members put in thousands of hours of community service each year. As a result of a commitment to excellence, Golden Key also helps members seek employment and internship opportunities, setting them up for a lifetime of achievement.

Golden Key officers and members at Fresno State are benefiting from these opportunities at Golden Key:

“Golden Key entices me to want to be a hardworking and determined person in my every day life.”
Amanda Orr, GK chapter Recording Secretary

“As we start to gain significant momentum toward our goals in college, we also tend to become isolated within it.

We get closed off — even from other majors in our discipline. As you start joining honors groups, consider joining Golden Key.

It’s a great way to see different opportunities available to you on and off campus that you would not normally find closed off in your department.

It’s a great way to meet hard striving students like yourself with a large variety of backgrounds, goals and interests.

If we are the future of our society, we should get to know one another across several disciplines.”
Idell, GK member and recent graduate

“Golden Key has provided me with opportunities to expand my knowledge and increased my awareness of activites going on in campus and the community. I would recommend anyone that can to join. It’s worth it!”
Lucia Miranda, GK member

“The community involvement has helped me to not only become a better person, but has helped the community become a better place as well.”
Erin Stueve, GK member

“Golden Key has allowed me to be apart of an environment that inspires me to continue to strive for high goals in the academic field by providing an atmosphere with students that have the same academic level and goals as myself.

Not only that, but it provides many opportunities for leadership positions at all levels and encourages me to continue in community service no matter how busy my academic schedule is.

I have been able to prove to myself that I am capable of maintaining my GPA while leading my peers and giving back to the community.

Golden Key is both fun and inspirational, but at the same time, it illuminates a sense of encouragement to continue one’s hard work.”
Courina Hughes, GK member

“Golden Key has allowed me to grow as a person. Before becoming an officer, I would get nervous talking in front of an audience, but now I am comfortable talking in front of an audience.

Since I’m going to be a teacher some day, public speaking is required everyday. I have also become more social and outgoing.

Lastly, I have learned to work in groups and I learned the importance of working in a group. This is a skill that is required, because everyday you will have to deal with people and even work with other people.”
Edith Cuevas, GK chapter president

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