May 26, 2020

Parties present problems in student housing units

It begins like clockwork every week. As soon as the sun fades over the lackluster hills, lines of cars begin to pour in, bringing excessive amounts of students to my apartment complex. 

The girls in their high heels and short, low-cut dresses are accompanied by guys in plaid button-downs and snapback hats carrying bags of snacks and boxes of beer. It’s Friday night — the weekend has officially begun.

When students leave for college, change quickly ensues. A lack of parents and authority figures commanding your every move leaves much room for independence and choice.

Many freshmen live on campus at the dorms, but for those who do get the chance to live off campus, an apartment can be everything.

Apartment living is a huge step for a student and often times, the freedom can be taken for granted.

You have the liberty to make your own decisions and have all kinds of fun. Partying and college go hand in hand, and it is not surprising to hear of college-age kids partying.

Most of the time it is acceptable and normal, but there are also times where it can become excessive and overwhelming.

The complex I live in is rather large and every weekend it plays host to an extravagant amount of limitless parties.

While partying is expected, the amount that takes place here is ridiculous. Many even begin on Thursday — and the weekend is nonstop music, people and alcohol.

The issues that go along with frequent partying include noise, trash, parking problems and especially safety. It is not uncommon to find the hallways and stairwells filled with drunk people yelling, singing, talking loudly and even physically fighting.

These disturbances make sleeping impossible and are seen as a nuisance.

Music blares boisterously out of numerous apartments where the doors are mostly left open for the world to hear.

In addition to the music, the noise of the party guests often creates unnecessary white noise. Blaring car horns increase the noise level as resident guests speed off into the night after leaving their events.

Safety poses a large threat as well, being that a majority of visitors become intoxicated at the parties and leave the same way.

Both buildings in my complex have three stories and at least four stairwells in each building, leaving plenty of room for incident.

Drunken people stumble down the halls, banging into the walls of apartments, slamming doors and even vomiting inside the hallways.

Not to mention the possibility of drunken driving. Who is to say that these partygoers are not driving home intoxicated?

There is no way to ensure the safety of hard partiers once they leave the event, but precautions can and should be taken before the guests become belligerent.

Security has virtually no power here. The only thing security ever does is issue warnings during wild gatherings. Rarely do they shut anything down or actually get results.

Both management and security need to step up their game to prevent problems with partygoers and other people alike.

These frequent parties and problems provoked by their occurrences need to change.

Something has got to give because I am tired of being woken up at night due to disturbances from drunken partiers.

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