Feb 21, 2020

Zombies ready to invade Tower District

Would you like a martini with a side of brains and guts?

On Saturday the Tower District will be hosting the third annual Zombie Pub Crawl.

Patrick Quiring founded the Fresno Zombie Society after reading about a zombie crawl in another state.

After two months of advertising, the society had its first pub-crawl.

“I decided that in two months I would start a page, hand out a few flyers, and see what kind of turn out,” Quiring said. “I had over 200 zombies on short notice with little advertisement.”

He said the outcome grew from the first pub-crawl and he is expecting bigger numbers for this one.

“Last year brought 700 to 800 zombies with a little more preparation,” Quiring said. “For the first two years, I was the only member of the society, but with over 1,900 members on the Facebook page and the huge turnout we have been getting, I had to bring more to the crew.”

The Zombie Fresno Society crew includes Treven Jones, society vice-president and graphic designer; Beth Brown, zombie specialist; and Renee Lane, make-up artist.

Jones said he is proud of what Quiring has done with this club.

“Patrick has done an extremely nice job building this society to what it is,” Jones said. “He has been successful in the past and we will continue to rise as more and more events come our way.”

Brown, who helps the society in many ways like creating the “horde” wristbands and assisting with makeup, loves zombies but said the community outreach was what drew her to become a member.

“I really like that this is a hometown group that just wants our community to have fun and not be so serious,” Brown said.

The Zombie Society will meet behind Tower Theatre at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday to get the group together before the night begins.

There will be bar games, raffles and drink specials throughout the night. For more information, go to the Fresno Zombie Society Facebook page.

The event is free and participants must be at least 21 years old.

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