Jul 09, 2020
Kaitlyn Sims blogs for Seventeen, sharing her monthy college experiences. Roe Borunda / The Collegian

Freshman shares Fresno State experiences in online blog for Seventeen magazine

Kaitlyn Sims blogs for Seventeen, sharing her monthy college experiences.
Roe Borunda / The Collegian

Earlier this year, Seventeen magazine put out a call for some new applicants for online Freshman 15 blog.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when it chose Fresno State freshman Kaitlyn Sims, a girl whose daily life consists of mock trials, Disney movies and basketball-playing robots.

Sims now works with Seventeen magazine’s Freshman 15 blog with 14 other college girls, who use the program to share their experiences to others online.

“Basically we just blog about our experiences in the dorms, relationships, anything that basically comes to our freshman experience,” Sims said.

Sims said the program features girls from all over the U.S., including universities and Ivy League schools.

Sims said that the blog set out to feature different types of students to get a well-rounded view of early college life.

“I think the one thing I really like about Seventeen is that we all come from different backgrounds and perspectives,” Sims said.

She said she was chosen by the magazine to be the “honor student who wants to stay sober while still having a full college experience.”

The blog includes other personality types such as a party girl, a sorority girl and the girl who has to commute to campus.

“We’re trying to balance out the perspective that we get,” she said.

Sims has to post a written blog post with occasional video throughout the semester.

The first video she published was called “Tips and Tricks for Meeting New People in College.”

“I hope it wasn’t cliché,” Sims said. “It was just (me) talking about the different ways I have figured out how to meet new people who live in the dorm.”

Sims’ secret on making friends: “I have a collection of Disney movies, and I have food.”

Other than Disney movies, Sims also went around her dorm greeting her neighbors and handing out treats. Being a part of the robotics club, she was also more than willing to let a few of the guys borrow a socket wrench or screwdriver.

“I got to meet a bunch of the guys that way, which was really very helpful.”

Other than the blog, Sims leads a very busy life.

A political science major, Sims said she is taking 20 units this semester. She is also involved in mock trials.

When she was a student at Buchanan High, Sims was on the Buchanan robotics team, in which she helped build robots that competed for top honors. However, these weren’t the fighting bots seen on TV.

“Ours aren’t battle bots or anything,” she said. “Ours play basketball.”

After graduating, Sims returned to help with public relations as well as mentor the drive team–the students that control the robot’s movements

With the blog, school and extracurricular activities, Sims doesn’t always have free time.

“I’ve managed to keep everything balanced,” she said. “I got sick and almost had a breakdown, but I’ve still been able to work and have mock trials and have robotics and have classes and a little bit of sleep on occasion.”

Sims still has the time to make videos, and she already has an idea in mind.

“For this month I’m going to talk a lot about professors (and) how high school teachers are different from college professors, things that surprised me about going into college from high school, the different kinds of people you meet at the dorms and a little more,” she said.

Though Sims has a full schedule, she said she enjoys being a part of the Seventeen team.

“I get to write what I’m interested in,” she said. “I’m writing about my life, and I get to share it. It’s really fun.”

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