May 31, 2020

Valley native storms onto the pop scene

Pop artist Conrad was rushed out of Rome Nightclub in Fresno with Amelia
Aye at his side while paparazzi surround him for photos during his music
video shoot for the song “Romeo.”
Photo Courtesy of Volumeline Entertainment

Conrad is quickly finding out what the paparazzi is like

One Central Valley native is making a name for himself in Los Angeles as a pop recording artist.

Conrad, born and raised in Madera Ranchos, has close roots to Fresno, having grown up in the area. In addition to having a sister who attends Fresno State, Conrad recorded his second music video at Rome Nightclub on Cedar and Dakota Avenues during the last weekend of March.

“There’s kind of a stigma about Fresno as being this place everyone is probably just like Kevin Federline and all that,” Conrad said, “so I’m kind of determined to show the world it’s not like that at all.”

“Romeo,” Conrad’s third single on his first album, Takeoff, is about the stigma of being a popular artist with management attempting to discourage him from being seen with a girl.

“Your label and your management are always trying to keep you from being seen with a girl because they want the fans to think they have a chance of dating you,” Conrad said.

In the video, the media give Amelia Aye, who may or may not be his girlfriend, a difficult time. Eventually, Conrad must choose between giving up his music or giving up his girlfriend. Conrad will neither confirm nor deny Aye is, in reality, his girlfriend, hence the theme of the video.

The 2006 high school graduate left home two years later to pursue his dreams of a music career. His first single, “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” was released shortly after he moved to L.A. He started his own record label, Volumeline Entertainment, after working with a small indie record label and a management company during his first year in L.A.

“I literally just decided ‘I’m going to move to L.A.’ I was working with one label before and then I moved down here to work with them,” he said. “But, things didn’t go as planned, so I broke away from them and ended up on my  own.

“It wasn’t as scary as you’d think, I was more determined just to get the job done that I wanted to do. I produced my whole album with other producers but I’m the one that just took charge of the project.”

Recently, “Romeo” hit the radio airwaves on Mix 94.1 in Las Vegas. One prop used in the music video shoot was a Ford Mustang. The second scene in the video was with international model Amelia Aye acting as though she was being bombarded with paparazzi. Conrad and Aye jumped inside the car and sped off, drawing the paparazzi away.

“B95 played my first single ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous.’ And they played ‘Name Dropper’ which made it number one on their home-grown countdown for like a month which was cool,” Conrad said. “They just added ‘Romeo,’ and it’s doing pretty good. DJ Kay Rich has been very supportive of my music and the first to play me before a bunch of the other stations around the country did.

“The first time I heard [my song on the radio] it was ‘Name Dropper.’ The dancers were all excited, and they were like singing and dancing along to it. It was cool. I guess you don’t know what to think about it. [It was a] proud moment.”

Conrad was one of the 18 artists competing for the spot to perform at the Speakers On Blast tour this Friday at the Save Mart Center. The winner was selected Tuesday at 8 p.m. on B95. Conrad placed third in the competition.

“It’s pretty good considering it’s a hip-hop/rap station. I’m a pop artist, so I won’t complain, yet,” Conrad said. “We got to get the Romeo video out and well see what’s next. Kind of an open book right now.”

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