Sights of the Senior Art Exhibit at the Conley Art Gallery

More than two dozen Fresno State seniors had their work featured in the Senior Art Exhibit at the Conley Art Gallery on campus. Two jurors from outside the Fresno State community selected 40 works that they felt best represented the caliber of art at Fresno State. The show featured an array of work, including paintings, photographs, sculptures, screen prints and projections. Conley Art Gallery technician Edward Lund said the show is different from shows in the past. “These shows are always the most surprising shows,” he said. “Each one ends up bringing its own entity.”

The exhibit ends today (April 20).

Below are photos our staff photographer Esteban Cortez took of the event and the works featured. Did you attend the show? Did you have any favorite pieces?

Yvette Stockton – “Untitled”

Isabel Barraza’s “A Human Condition” piece was recognized as one of the most outstanding pieces of the show.

Valerie Voss’s “rituals” was a multilayered piece that utilized video and a found object. “When I see things in every day life, I tend to photograph it,” Voss said. Her work was also recognized as an outstanding piece Thursday evening.

Artist and photographer Rosa Alvarez stands near her “Letters” photo series, which included self-portraits and hand-written letters.

Rosa Alvarez’s “Letters” photo series was one of the most popular works in the show. Freshman Xitlaly Ocampo (pictured) said “Letters” was her favorite work in the entire show because it was really personal.

Alvarez wrote letters addressed to various things, including her father, religion and her legs.

An emotional, teary-eyed Elizabeth Alvarez hugs her sister Rosa Alvarez after seeing her sister’s complete photo series for the first time. She said she was emotional because she understood what her sister was saying in the letters and photos.

Gallery technician Edward Lund said that each senior exhibit is unique. “Each show ends up bringing its own entity,” he said.

George Gonzalez was recognized for his painting “Working.” He said the piece represents his thought-process at the time he painted it.

Gallery attendees watch as gallery technician Edward Lund announces the show’s most outstanding pieces.

Maria Elena Ramirez – “Black and White”

Madison Cote – “Self-Portrait with Egon”

Elizabeth Ingalls – “Gale”

Curtis Messer – “Tea Dust Bowls”

Pamela Flores – “Wings”

Andrew Vega – “Smokin’ Joe”

Cindy Fay – “Stumped Bear”

Seanna McDonald – “Bombardito”

Maria Elena Ramirez – “Untitled”

Jason Bonilla – “Dr. Love”

Curtis Messer – “J & P #3”

Pamela Flores – “Pixel Puerta”

Bekah Franklin – “Campfire Song” and “After a Long Sleep”

Katie Howden – “The Last Launch”

Jason Bonilla – “I Don’t Owe You a Thing”

Erik Beltran – “Dedicated to the Boardroom” (left) and Wes Beeler – “Sea of Sorrow”

Mathew Woodall – “Untitled”

Jenny Martinez – “Untitled”

Kristen Mcllhargey – “Seek”

Erika Valle – “Untitled” (left) and Maria Carrillo – “Mischief and Mayhem”

Ian Loveall – “Isle XIX”

George Gonzalez’s “Working” (pictured) was recognized as one of the show’s most outstanding pieces.

Krista Baumbach – “Cindy Lu the Baptist I”

Wes Beeler – “Addiction: WIre Me, Pleasure Me, Thrill Me”

Joe Halderman – “Livin”

Darren Jones – “The Glitch”

Marisol S. Medina – “Cups for All”

Jordan Atkin – “State of the Union”

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