Run for a student government position!

From Fresno State’s Community Connection

Submit completed Petitions for Office. 

Petitions will be available starting Friday, January 27 in the Student Involvement Center, USU 306. The petition must be submitted to the Student Involvement Center no later than Monday, February 27 by 5 p.m.

Read the Election Code.

The Election Code will be available with the Petition for Office on Friday, January 27 in USU 306. All candidates are required to have a copy of the Election Code and can have any questions regarding the code answered by the All-Candidates’ Meeting.

Attend the “All-Candidates’ Meeting”.

All candidates must attend this mandatory orientation on ASI Elections and the Election Code (see section 3.1 of Election Code for information regarding a proxy).


Candidates may begin to “formally” campaign (post flyers, signs, etc.) following the All-Candidates’ Meeting. Please be sure that you and your campaign staff follow the Election Code.


Every candidate for a public office should support their own campaign by voting. You are highly encouraged to ask the students in your college or program to participate in the elections to support your campaign. Election dates will begin Tuesday, March 37 at 9 a.m. and will end Thursday, March 29 at noon.

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