Fashion Inc. provides students the opportunity to learn what it takes to succeed in the fashion world

For students with an interest in fashion and the world behind it, Fashion Inc. offers students a bevy of different opportunities.

Fashion Inc. is a club designed to support, promote and aid the fashion merchandising program. Fashion Inc. gives students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in things like retailing, management, merchandising, design, event planning, design, style and business operations.

“The fashion merchandising program here at Fresno State emphasizes the business aspect of the fashion industry. Fashion Inc. offers students the hands-on experience needed to succeed in the industry as a whole,” Fashion Inc. vicepresident Reyna Cazares said.

The club was created in spring 2010 by former club president April Curran Prado. Before Fashion Inc. was created, there was another fashion club. But since that spring, Fashion Inc. has remained the only fashion club on the campus. The Fashion Merchandising program on campus is relatively small, so Prado decided to create the club to give these students a chance to gain experience in the world of fashion.

“I joined the club because I have always had a high interest in fashion.  It is something I enjoy doing and learning about,” Cazares said. “When I first joined I was a different major, but still wanted to experience a fashion club. I joined and ultimately learned that it would be the industry that I wanted to make a career of one day, so I switched to fashion merchandising.”

Fashion Inc. provides its members with experience through things like volunteer activities, writing for the club’s blog and its yearly fashion show. The club also does themed photoshoots, learns how to do fashion sketching, create fashion look books, blog and shopping days.

“The club also allows students to become leaders because there are several committees in which one student takes charge. For example, there is a fashion blog where students can write for the blog,” club public relations officer Nathaly Juarez said.

The club’s fashion show is its yearly highlight and gives students experience in a plethora of different things. In order to put on the fashion show, the club needs student-designers, photographers, models, DJs and stylists.

“All of these activities give our members a chance to gain first-hand experience in the fashion industry, and be able to create a portfolio,” Cazares said.

Internships are another great thing that members can obtain as a result of being a part of the club.

“This summer I was given the position as an intern for designer Eva Franco in Los Angeles. Without Fashion Inc. I would have never had the confidence to go and seek it,” Casarez said.

Fashion Inc. also alerts its members about local fashion shows in the area and gives them the opportunity to attend these shows.

“Anybody who loves fashion should join. It allows you to connect with people of common interests and teaches you hard work and determination. It’s not easy and takes a lot of time,” Juarez says


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