Assemblywoman Halderman visits campus

Assemblywoman Linda Halderman visited the Fresno State campus Wednesday evening on Dec. 7 in the Industrial Technology building to speak with and answer questions from students. Halderman visited the campus to speak with Fresno State’s chapter of the California College Republicans and talk to them about a plethora of different issues as well as answer any questions that the students might have.

“It was great. She’s an awesome person. We came to her with direct questions and she gave us direct answers,” Fresno State College Republicans Chairman Matt Shupe said.

Halderman came to discuss and answer questions on a variety of topics. Some of the topics that were brought up included her stance on stem cells, when she feels that life begins, a high speed rail and also a topic that seems to be on many students minds these days, school spending.

“These were tough questions. These students at this university were passionate and informed. I was very impressed,” Halderman said. “There was no easy way out for any of the questions.”

Halderman was invited to come to the campus as an elected official and her speaking was a part of the ongoing effort of the club to bring in politicians to speak with members in a more intimate setting than where one would normally speak with politicians.

Halderman is a member of the Republican Party and is currently serving on the California State Assembly. Halderman’s represents the 29th district, which encompasses parts of Fresno and Madera counties. These areas include Shaver, Madera, Clovis, Viola, Orange Cove and north and central Fresno among others.

“Having guests like Assemblywoman Halderman shows the growth of the club. We have grown exponentially since being chartered in September. That growth has allowed us to bring in these speakers,” Shupe said.

Having speakers like Halderman has also opened doors for members of the club who have a chance to meet and network with the speakers.

“We always have internships available for those who are looking,” Halderman said. “These internships can give students a look at what the government does.”

According to Shupe bringing in such notable speakers such as Halderman helps bring recognition to the Fresno State College Republicans and helps them gain support from local party members.

Next semester as their name recognition grows the Fresno State College Republicans hope to bring in more great speakers and hope that Halderman is just one of many great speakers to come to the Fresno State campus.

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