Letters to the Editor, 11-21-11

To the editor:

Here I am in class intensely listening to the lecture, or trying to make some kind of sense of it, and one of the most irritating things, second only to that annoying group behind you that won’t stop yapping about what happened this past weekend, someone decides it’s OK to noisily pack up their things and leave. We’ve all heard the same excuses: “I don’t like this class” or “my class is across campus.” The excuses literally go on and on.

Well the truth is, I really don’t care. A lot of people probably don’t like the class, but hey at least they have some human decency to stick it out. And for those of you that complain that your class is across campus, maybe you should have planned out your schedule better or get a scooter, bike or skateboard, take your pick.

It is so incredibly irritating to hear people zipping up and shuffling themselves out the door. Seriously people, the professor speaks quite enough as it is, and unlike you at least I have some respect for the guy. Its people who act like they have better things to do that don’t even belong in the class in the first place.


Elisa Garcia



To the editor:

Due to the budget cut that is probably going to happen, there will be major changes occurring in the next school year.  The change that would occur is the increase of tuition.   It is already a given fact that tuition would increase because of the budget cut.  There hasn’t been a time yet that the tuition has decreased because if it did then a lot of people would have been happy.  With the increase in tuition for the next school year, students would probably not be able to afford it and some would probably have to take out loans to help them.  I don’t think it is fair that we have to pay more for education.  The price we are paying now is already expensive enough with the expensive books and courses.

Another change that might happen is the merging of the College of Science and Mathematics.  Being a science major, more specifically chemistry, I do not wish for this to occur.  If this does occur, then the students will not be able to get a good amount of resources for their major.  The classes would be cut down and there wouldn’t be enough faculties to help give information to students when needed.  If given a chance, then students should take the opportunity and give their opinion about the situation. Let’s make our voices heard.


Sandy Xiong



To the editor:

There is no doubt that everyone is upset over the tuition increase. I am one of many that are very disappointed about this. What I fail to understand is why it is that the tuition must be increased? I have heard that prisons need more funding. That is ridiculous! If this is to be true, then you’re telling me that keeping criminals behind bars is more important than education. Yes, we want to keep our streets safe, but aren’t there other means by which the state can receive money other than taking it from our education? Aside from this dilemma, as I walk around campus I begin to wonder what does the university waste most of its money on? I believe the students have the right to know where their money is going. Let’s hope the majority of it is toward education.


Leonila Ortiz


To the editor:

When students get robbed on Bulldog Lane, it makes them doubt about if the Fresno State police department is doing its job the correct way. If burglary is common on Bulldog Lane, officers should patrol it more often than other streets. So far in this semester, there have been five robberies, and they have all taken place in Bulldog Lane. Students are frightened to walk early in the morning and before the sun sets because there are more possibilities to get robbed at does time. If part of the money students pay in their tuition goes to the Fresno State police department, students should not be getting robbed so often. This only shows that the police are not doing their job the correct way. An officer should only be assigned to patrol Bulldog Lane.


Luis Sierra

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