Aug 05, 2020

Fresno State Democrats offer students a plethora of opportunities

Politics are involved in almost every aspect of life. School, work and church are places you are more than likely to face some form of political discussion.

A club at Fresno State has found a way to not only address political issues, but created a way for students to get to know one another.

Gilbert Felix is the president of the Fresno State Democrats. He has been the club president for two years.

He first showed interest in the club while he was attending Fresno City College.  Felix already had friends in the club and even helped out when he could.

Alexandro Garcia serves as the club’s secretary. He had previously been the club’s treasurer. He was encouraged to join by many of his friends who had joined the club.

“I joined to help strengthen and build up its activity and membership,” Garcia said.

Garcia has benefitted from being in the club as a student.

“Being a center for volunteer, internship and work experience opportunities has been the best thing Fresno State Democrats has had to offer,” Garcia said.

Felix said that in order to qualify for membership a candidate must be a student at Fresno State and a Democrat.  He also mentioned that any non-Democrat student may attend meetings as a guest.

Justin Cape had recently joined the Fresno State Democrats.  This marks the first semester he has been in the club. He has since been impressed by the possible connections he can make and the  chance to help his community.

“I had recently become politically involved.  I wanted to take action,” Cape said.

The Fresno State Democrats try to hold as many fundraisers as possible. It turns to the Fresno County Democratic Party for help in fundraisers, and ideas for fundraisers.

The club also held a special voter registration event.  Felix referred to it as a “bounty program.” This meant that for every voter registration that was filled, the club received $1.

Felix hopes that current members will be involved.  He also hopes that they will learn values and spread those values to family and friends.

Felix mentioned that a lot of club members are political science majors.  He went on to explain these students benefit from joining the club.

“They get to see first hand how politics work,” Felix said.

Garcia likes the opportunity to do volunteer work.

“I like that we are the first to hear about or be called upon as a premier volunteer force on or off campus,” Garcia said.

Felix knows that there might be other students out there who might be interested in joining. He listed off several perks to joining the club.  Such as free food given out at club meetings, students who join and participate are given a chance to expand their connections with political parties and local labor unions.

Cape sees being in the club as a chance to improve one’s “social well-being.”

“California Democrats is where you want to be,” Cape said.

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