Jul 07, 2020

Collegian Q&A with Louisiana Tech’s sports editor

Fresno State is coming off a much-needed bye week after losing two of its last three games. Now the ‘Dogs move back into Western Athletic Conference play against Louisiana Tech this Saturday. The Bulldogs have been up and down all season similar to their West Coast counterpart.

Last year the ‘Dogs traveled to Ruston, La. to play Louisiana Tech. Fresno State came away with the 40-34 victory against an improved Bulldogs team. The 2011 version of Louisiana Tech should provide the ‘Dogs with another tough task.

Sarah Brown is the co-sports editor at Louisiana Tech and sports editor Jerry Huerta caught up with her to talk about what the ‘Dogs can expect from the Bulldogs in another Western Athleic Conference game for Fresno State this season.

Q: What can Fresno State expect from Louisiana Tech’s offense?

A: Fresno State can expect a new offense out of Louisiana Tech. Since starting quarterback Nick Isham’s injury at Utah State on Oct. 22, the offense has really stepped it up and has done a better job of executing plays. Running back Lennon Creer and wide receiver Quinton Patton are two of the main powerhouses for the Louisiana Tech offense. Everyone knows to look for No. 4 and No. 5 when the offense is on the field.

Q: What has quarterback Nick Isham meant to the program this season?

A: Isham was the best thing to happen to Louisiana Tech. In the past, its always struggled with a quarterback problem, but now Isham is a favorite. I was at the Signing Day luncheon when they announced him as a recruit, and his videos from high school were beyond astounding. A lot of people in Ruston, La. see a lot of potential from him in the next few years to become a great quarterback.

Q: What kind of impact can Lennon Creer have?

A: Creer is one of the strongest guys on the Louisiana Tech offense. Once he’s released with the ball, it takes a lot to stop him. That’s why he’s scored nine touchdowns this season. Patton is right behind him with seven touchdowns.

Q: What kind of offense will Louisiana Tech run?

A: I’m not sure what kind of offense the Bulldogs will run, but junior quarterback Colby Cameron is expected to start. With his experience, he appears more poised than Isham and is more comfortable with the receivers.

Q: Who is the leader of the defense?

A: Defensive back Chad Boyd is definitely the leader of the defense. He’s made some key plays that have helped the Bulldog defensive line to force three-and-outs, interceptions and cause frustrations among the opponent’s offensive line.

Q: What can Fresno State expect from Louisiana Tech’s defense?

A: Louisiana Tech’s defense’s goal is to try to find a way to shut the offense down. They’ve improved a lot from the start of the season and have held the opponent from making some stellar plays that could really change the momentum of the game.

Q: What kind of scheme does Louisiana Tech run?

A: Fresno State can expect to have some of their key plays shut down, and to be on the lookout for Louisiana Tech to come together as a whole and stop them. That’s the thing about Tech — it’s not about one player — it’s the whole team.

Q: What are your thoughts on punter Ryan Allen? 

A: Junior Ryan Allen is an extremely poised punter. I always watch to see how far the ball goes once we’re forced to punt. He’s up for the Ray Guy Award for his exceptional punting skills.

Q: How has head coach Sonny Dykes impacted this program?

A: Head coach Sonny Dykes has been a good coach after having former head coach Derek Dooley leave. He’s not the perfect coach, but he’s worked hard with the team to make sure the only place they go is up.

Q: What will it take for Louisiana Tech to beat Fresno State on Saturday?

A: If Louisiana Tech just holds its ground and executes well, it’ll most likely beat Fresno State. The other key is playing all four quarters. The Bulldogs will play stellar the first half then give up in the second. Dykes has really been on his team about playing all four quarters, and the past few weeks have really shown that.

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