Aug 05, 2020

‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3,’ the newest and greatest edition to the COD series

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” was a great game.  It had some impressive graphics and a gripping story-line. A terrorist, Vladimir Makarov, executed a terrible act of violence and managed to frame the U.S. for the action.  Russia then declared war on the U.S. A few brave soldiers stood up and tried to stop the war. However, the cliff-hanger ending left a lot of gamers frustrated.

“Call of Duty: Black Ops” was released, but still questions remained unanswered.  Where is Vladimir Makarov? When do I get to kill that guy?

Well now the wait is over.  “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3,” the latest installment, answers all question you may have had that were previously left unanswered.

Russia has not continued its war on the U.S., but has now declared war on Germany, London and France. As armed forces from all over the world are fighting back, Captain Price and his friend and partner “Soap” McTavish are looking for terrorist Vladimir Makarov.

Like most COD games, you switch between and fight alongside many characters.  These include U.S. Delta Force soldiers, “Sandman,” and “Frost.” SAS (Special Air Service) troops, as well as Price and Soap.

The campaign missions will send players across the globe.  You start in New York, from there you go to India, Africa, Germany, London and finally the Arabian Peninsula.

The missions are intense.  The first mission has you fighting through the streets of New York. From there you make your way to the Stock Exchange.

Later, you’ll find yourself boarding then escaping from a submarine. In later missions, you’ll find yourself manning a fully armed drone, gunning down enemies with a gatling gun aboard a helicopter and using an underwater craft.

As you fight through the campaign, you find yourself closer and closer to getting Makarov.  Will you finally be able to bring this terrorist to justice?  Will the war with Russia end in peace? Or will evil prevail?

The multi-player option has been improved with a few tweaks.  The kill streaks are back, but some new ones added.  You can now call in five attack helicopters. You can now use a remote controlled drone that acts as a permanent marker.  Another drone is equipped with a mini-gun and grenade launcher.  There are now two different styles of kill streaks, “attack” and “support.” “Attack” focuses more on rewarding players for achieving kills without dying, and “support'” keeps your killstreak going even after you die and awards you for the total number of kills.

The “Spec-Ops” mode has returned. There is a new mode, similar to “HALO-Reach” Firefight mode.  In this mode, you earn experience points that you can use to buy better equipment to help you fend off the endless waves of enemies.  Having a second player will definitely help you with this mode. This mode will also help sharpen your FPS (first person shooter) combat skills.

SledgeHammer games took the reins from Infinity War, which designed “Modern Warfare” 1 and 2.  SledgeHammer took the same style of the previous games and polished to add some incredible realistic detail.  The guns sound more realistic. The buildings, the landscapes look so realistic, you’ll swear you’re on the actual battlefield.

“Call of Duty” has always provided one heck of a gaming experience.  “MW3” is no exception.  Awesome graphics provide excellent backgrounds during the campaign mode.  The story may be the typical take down of the evil bad guy, but the ending felt fullfilling and happy.  Improvements to the mulit-player option will please multi-player fans.  If you’re a fan of FPS games, “MW3” will not let you down.  If you’re not a fan, give this one a shot.  You won’t be sorry.

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