Feb 21, 2020

Art Hop provides Fresno locals creative stage

Hundreds of people visited downtown Fresno yesterday evening for Thursday’s ArtHop as local artists showcased their work.

ArtHop is a monthly event hosted the first Thursday of every month across town. It displays art in 70 different venues in downtown Fresno, Tower District and metropolitan and outlying areas.

Local artist and recent Fresno State graduate, Julia Scott, has shown her own artwork at the Broadway Studios in downtown Fresno and now occasionally shows her work at the Iron Bird Lofts.

“The community response to ArtHop has been very positive,” Scott said. “Large crowds of people venture to downtown and the atmosphere is bustling with energy and inspiration for artists and non-art folk alike.”

K-Jewel Art Gallery curator Karl Kallmann says, “K-Jewel has been involved in 32 ArtHops [and] has featured 32 different artist and 25 youth musical groups.”

Thursday evening, K-Jewel featured two professional photographers that presented beautiful landscapes. Tim A. Fleming’s photograph of Yosemite was one of the most striking images that was presented at K-Jewel alongside with photographs by Phil Hawkins.

Kallmann said that K-Jewel got involved because the gallery was a focal point of the downtown area, and John Ostlund, owner of K-Jewel, had always been a booster of the revitalizing the area and saw the art movement and he wanted to be a part of it.

“The architectural look of K-Jewel made it the perfect place to feature local artist,” Kallman said.

Many Fresno State art professors and students have shown their own work at ArtHop. It is a way for them to show their work to hundreds of people on a night that many will appreciate it the most.

“I enjoy talking with the artist to get their perspective on a piece – and it’s free,” former Fresno State student Frank Cuellar said on why he enjoys going this Thursday tradition.

ArtHop has given Fresno art a monthly stage where all artist and art lovers can unite and enjoy local pieces and images. ArtHop is one event that is also helping revitalize downtown’s image.

“ArtHop funnels opportunity and energy to the creative community in Fresno.” Scott said.

Christina Rea says, “The best thing about ArtHop is having access to a wonderful thriving art scene without leaving Fresno.”

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