Freshman fun in Fresno just around the corner

The Tower Theatre is one of the many venues for those
who are new to Fresno to check out for entertainment.
Esteban Cortez / The Collegian

Leaving home can be difficult, but it can also be exciting. Moving to a new, unfamiliar place brings new challenges such as, “where is there to go for fun?” Where are the nearest restaurants, movie theatres or shopping malls? Are there any nearby parks or art museums?

For those who are new to the area and unable to leave the campus and it’s surrounding area, there are places on campus to go for entertainment. Selena Farnesi, Fresno State’s ASI (Associated Students Inc.) President pointed out a few places.

The University Student Union, located next to the Kennel Bookstore, is one such place.

“The basement of the USU is a really fun spot,” Farnesi said.

In the USU food is available as well as an area where students can go to play video games. In that same part of the USU there is also a bowling alley and pool tables. There is also a post office and a nail salon located at the USU.

Fresno State Students can also purchase concert tickets at a discounted rate.

At the Henry Madden Library, on the bottom floor, the ASI runs a laptop loan program. If a student forgot their laptop at home, they can borrow one there. They can also borrow a camera, or even a flip camera if they need one for a school or personal project.

Farnesi was more than happy to point out some places off campus that new students might be interested. Across the street from Fresno State is the Dog House Grill.

“It’s a really fun college environment,” Farnesi said.

Ken Terrante who helps coordinate Dog Days, a program that welcomes and informs the incoming students new to the area recommended a couple of places away from the campus that new students may be interested in.

One particular place he recommended was the Forestiere Underground Gardens. These gardens are a historical landmark in Fresno.

These underground acres are modeled after ancient catacombs, or tombs. The Underground Gardens are a part of Fresno’s history. This site has been owned by the Forestiere family for more than 100 years and offers tours.

Another interesting place is the Fresno Art Museum. The Fresno Art Museum is the only modern art museum between Los Angeles and San Francisco and features art from Pre-Columbian to modern times as well as Mexican art.

For those interested in film, The Tower Theatre in Fresno’s Tower District, shows art and indie films, which may attract any art student or any movie-goer with an interest in a different style of film.

School supplies and clothes can be found at the Sierra Vista and Fashion Fair Malls. Here, students can purchase clothes at several clothing stores.

Aside from the clothing stores, Sierra Vista Mall has a movie theatre which shows more than 16 movies.

Fashion Fair Mall doesn’t have a movie theatre, but features the upscale restaraunt Fleming’s and also has a Cheesecake Factory, and a BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse.

For those of legal drinking age, The Red Wave, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dog House Grill, and Swiggs can all be found near campus. Other popular areas for nightlife include Old Town Clovis, north Fresno, and the Tower District.

Students who move to Fresno might be a bit overwhelmed by moving to a new city, but now have an idea where to go if they’re looking for a good time. Good times can be found anywhere you just need to know where to look.

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