What to borrow from Kate and Will

As most of the world knows, Prince William and Princess Catherine celebrated their wedding on Friday in London’s Westminster Abbey. More than 1 million people packed the streets of London to celebrate the new royal couple, and more than 2 billion people watched on TV and the Internet.

What most people don’t know is that another wedding took place on Friday, a wedding that I was actually invited to. The couple, while classy, aren’t royals, and certainly no titles were bestowed besides the title of Mrs. on the bride. This wedding was a fun one, and I’m glad that I had a chance to celebrate not just one, but two marriages over the weekend. There were quite a few aspects of the wedding, though, that I felt could’ve used a royal touch. Bridal couples everywhere should take note of the Prince and Princess’ nuptials when planning their own weddings:

Especially during the toasts. Yes, the best man and the maid of honor will undoubtedly give the speeches they’ve probably spent weeks working on, but remember the people at your reception are toasting to you. You don’t toast to yourself, and likewise, you don’t drink to yourself. Let other people do the drinking. And when the toasts are over and done, you still want to look your best. Don’t forget the photographer will be snapping away for the entire night, and you don’t want to be hungover on your way to your honeymoon (By the way, pictures were taken of William and Catherine the morning after their wedding, and they both looked fantastic, not drunk).

Besides the excuse that everybody wears strapless dresses, wearing something with sleeves gives you the aura of respectability. Even if you want to wear something modern, that doesn’t mean that you have to wear something that exposes your shoulders. Plus, it’s awkward for me, the guest, to hug you when the first few inches of your torso are exposed. Not to mention if you break the first rule, it’s possible to show your guests something they definitely did not want to see.

Weddings are supposed to be a dignified, respectable milestone in the lives of both the bride and the groom, as well as for their families. If you try to make your wedding unique by incorporating humorous elements into the ceremony, you will definitely make sure your wedding is remembered, but only as the wedding not to have.

This is the most important walk of your life. Even if you’re not the one getting married, if you are walking down the aisle as a friend or family member of the bridal couple, you are still part of something sacred and special. Walk with some grace, and don’t treat the aisle like a catwalk. Church aisles are for walking, not sprinting.

Catherine Middleton made sure her sister, Pippa, wore something that was beautiful and classy. Most brides put their besties in something that makes them look hideous to emphasize the beauty of the bride. But if you put the girls standing next to you in something pretty that emphasizes their beauty, not yours, your guests will find it refreshing to see some pretty girls next to the bride, for a change. Not to mention your friends will thank you for it.

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