Jul 04, 2020


I’m not sure anyone ever really grows up. Although we get older, grow taller and become wiser each year, it seems that we never really grow out of that adolescent need for approval. As the semester comes to an end, and Associated Students, Inc. holds its last Senate meeting of the spring, my theory has never held more truth — you can take the person out of high school but you can’t take high school out of the person.

Today at 4 p.m., ASI President Pedro Ramirez and Vice President of Finance Cesar Sanchez will receive the verdict they have been waiting for — if they are popular enough to sit at the cool kids table.

Since overthrowing presidents is totally in this season, it is likely that Ramirez and Sanchez will be removed from office tonight.

The senate cast a vote on Jan. 26, 2011, to allow the personnel committee to conduct a formal review of Ramirez and Sanchez. That was more than three months ago. Who is the personnel committee and what have they been doing besides wasting their own time and student money on legal counsel?

This should have been deliberated on April 6, 2011, the same day Executive Vice President Selena Farnesi was cleared of allegations that she had violated the Gloria Romero Act.

The personnel committee found that Farnesi had not broke any open meeting laws. However, it is hard to believe that co-workers and friends don’t confide in each other. As far as I’m concerned, all 17 senators should be charged with violating the Gloria Romero Act — holding private meetings to hear, discuss or deliberate upon an item that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of ASI.

Do you honestly think they don’t talk politics behind closed doors? Give me a break.

The student body government may appear older, taller and wiser than they did in high school, but they still appear to be acting like children. And what do you do when children act out? You ground them, take away their toys and give them a good whoopin’.

And ASI is in need of a long-overdue timeout.

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