Dec 11, 2019

Website helps students stay on track

There is a time each spring and fall semester when advising offices are on overload as students scramble to pull their schedules together for the upcoming year. A young website,, offers its support to students as an extra leg to stand on.

Using the numerous functions of MyEdu and taking advantage of the help of advisers at universities, students can increase their chances of doing better with their advancement toward their undergraduate degree.

“We’ve been able to track over 10 years and in an in-house study, we can see that students who use our services graduate with a 3.0 [GPA],” MyEdu media relations specialist Kathryn Walker said.

MyEdu, originally named Pick-A-Prof, was founded in 2008 and can provide students with detailed information about the college of their choice, with more than 750 options for someone to choose from. From there, users can see degrees that are offered and the courses necessary to reach a desired degree.

MyEdu allows users to build a degree timeline that they can follow through the years, and adjust if and when necessary. The accessible tools can be combined with more in-depth knowledge provided by advisers and peers, which could prove to both necessary and time efficient.

The cost of an online advisory system could vary, but MyEdu has recently become available to students free of charge. “Enough people were willing to pay for the services provided that [MyEdu] made it free,” MyEdu Fresno State campus representative Lucas Lundy said.

According to the website’s information page, there are more than 3 million students that are using MyEdu in an effort to help get an extra edge for their education. The website allows students to track their degree process as well as a few other options, including a function to allow users to search for the cheapest book prices.

MyEdu is directly connected to Fresno State and the information regarding the classes that are offered is taken directly from the university catalog. The website can show users which professors will be teaching the courses, as well as the percentage of students who pass the class and in which percentile. Professors can be given “grades” on the website and students can comment with the amount of work that is given or any additional thoughts on the class.

Lundy also said that just days ago, MyEdu released information that they will also be providing support to students entering their graduate study programs. The design will remain the same, allowing students to easily transition between a timeline for their undergraduate work to graduate studies.

“It’s as if My Fresno State meets Rate My Professor plus,” Eddie Mendoza, a Fresno State student and MyEdu user, said.

MyEdu can be connected to Facebook, a social networking site, as a way for students to link their accounts and choose classes to take together. It also gives organizations a chance to boost fundraising by creating a “unique URL.” For each student that creates a MyEdu account under that URL, MyEdu will give the organization $1.

Students interested in signing up for an account with MyEdu can do so at

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