Students explore the campus before graduation approaches

College years are filled with homework, midterms, late-night parties and coffee runs. Despite the stress, students still find the opportunity to make the most out of their college experience.

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Four years may seem like a long time on campus, but students sometimes graduate without fulfilling everything that they wanted to conquer.

There are some things worth exploring for students who still have some time left before graduation. College is the time to seize an adventure, and to branch out.

Fresno State is known for its agriculture. For over 20 years the Rue and Gwen Farm Market has sold Fresno State grown produce, wines, ice cream and meats.

Students help produce these products — giving an edge over the competitors.

“It is made by students and supports students,” Jennifer Sobieralski, manager of Rue and Gwen Farm Market, said. “Students even get a 10 percent discount on olive oil and wine.”

The proceeds go back into the school to help fund classes that maintain the farm.

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“We are the only university in the United States that is a commercially licensed winery,” Sobieralski said.

When choosing classes for the new semester, think about taking a class in the Kinesiology department. Activity courses like hip-hop, yoga, weight training or a sport like golf are a few courses that are offered to students.

“We offer a lot of activity classes that students can get experiences that they normally wouldn’t,” Mike Coles, faculty chair of the kinesiology department, said.

With school often comes stress, and taking a relaxing class like yoga or weight training can physically and mentally help students get through school.

“Students deal with a lot of stress, some of the classes can help relax like a yoga class,” Coles said. “And of course have a little fun.”

There are several school plays, dance recitals, band performances and opera-styled recitals that students run throughout each semester. These performances are not only a great way to get some cultural experiences, but they’re entertaining and inexpensive.

“Plays on campus are cheap compared to professional plays,” Melissa Gibson, theatre arts faculty chair, said. “It would be a cheap date.”

These events are also an easy and convenient way to gain course credit required by some professors.

“I require my students to go see a certain play,” Gibson said. “They are shocked that they really enjoyed themselves.”

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When people think of the word Bulldog, some people automatically think football, and while there is nothing wrong with going to football games, there are a lot of other Bulldog sports on campus. Attending a sport that isn’t a mainstream sport not only shows your support to those teams, but as a student, you might actually enjoy it.

“We have about 450 student athletes and 19 sports,” director of athletic communications Steve Weakland said. “There is ample opportunity to go and watch, and enjoy the Athletic 1 sports.”

Athletic 1 is the highest collegiate sport ranking. Another thing to think about is how many of the sporting events are free to enter with a student ID.

“They provide a great entertainment, but also a good

sense of student pride and fellowship of student-athletes and the community at large,” Weakland said.

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There are more than 250 clubs and organizations on campus. Getting involved on campus whether it’s joining a club that interests you or an organization that gets you aware of what is going on around Fresno.

“Clubs and organizations provide an opportunity to meet people, feel at home faster, improve your resume, experiment and gain experience,” coordinator for student involvement Josh Edrington said. “And get the most out of college.”

Joining a club is also a way to meet new people, and by doing so, students are more likely to do better in school.

“Studies have shown that students who are involved are more likely to receive better grades, stay in school, be successful in their academic program, are more marketable when job searching,” Edrington said. “And students are more satisfied with their overall college experience.”

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