Goodbye spring, HELLO SUMMER

Summer is upon us and we are drunk from the sun. Spring was nice though; for the two weeks it lasted. It did its job and brought us spring break.

Spring break might have been good for some of us — gave students a chance to catch up on homework, sleep, and whatever else we needed to do.

If you’re anything like me though, you did very little of the three. I didn’t catch up on sleep. I caught up with old friends who were all back in town. We soaked up the sun in the day and unwound deep into the night, only to do it again when awake.

Spring break left a sweet taste in my mouth, and I crave nothing now but summer and the freedom it brings along.

Unfortunately, school started again and the taste was sourly interrupted. We didn’t have the luxury of time to ease back in either, because whoever planned our break’s dates, left only two weeks until finals start. Consequently, we have had to jump right back in, buckle down and make our way back to class everyday. I know I have.

Evidently you have too. Since being back, it feels as if our student body has doubled in size. Summer has brought an observable change to the atmosphere. Long boarders are riding their way through waves of people and although the students are plentiful, the clothes are not. Drenched by the sun, we funnel into the library seeking safe haven. The library is filled to its capacity, making it even more impossible to find a computer.

Back in class we’re seeing our classmates we have forgotten since the beginning of the semester. I’ve seen people come to class whose desks have been literally empty all semester. Why? It’s grade time. Teachers’ doors are revolving with students bargaining for grades.

It is going go be a hectic couple of weeks. Our days will be long, and our nights even longer. Studying, reading and writing papers will fill the day, and coffee induced all-nighters will be used to catch up on everything we couldn’t fit into our day.

When you finally lay your head down for a pause rather than a break, rest assured — it will all be over soon. On May 20, 2011, we will all be done and nothing else stands between you and summer.

Our stress will be lost in the wind. Some of us will return home, and others will await friends returning home. Summer trips, free time and bodies of water await us. Most importantly, we won’t be setting our alarm clocks in order to get ready for school.

The summer is upon us, but it won’t last forever. Squeeze everything you can get out of it. Fill your days and make the nights long. These experiences will turn into memories that last. Most of all enjoy your summer, I sure know I will. I’ll see you in fall, it can’t come slow enough.

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